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The province of Alberta is as rich in geographical diversity as it is in natural resources.

In the west Alberta accesses the Rocky Mountains and is home to some of the most beautiful geography in all of the world. Jasper and Banff National Parks are just two to name. Home to big horn sheep, mountain goats, elks, deer and bears and abundant fishing the area is overflowing with life.

Central-East Alberta is composed of relatively flat to rolling hills covered with farm land. The much lauded Alberta Beef comes from this province.

Northern Alberta is the land of oil, hence the name of the NHL team, the Edmonton Oilers. Much of Alberta's wealth comes from this industry and has enabled it to rid itself of the provincial sales tax.

Albertans are proud of their province and also one of the most vocal politically. Whether on issues of sovereignty, de-centralization of government, transfer payments, the environment, or religious rights Albertans always try to make themselves heard.

Calgary #1 most popular location
Now a substantial city (the largest to be found away from Canada’s more populated coasts), Calgary has grown from little more than a rural village at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, and st…
1,382travelers 67reviews 48blogs
Banff #2 most popular location
A town at the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Banff is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that likes to take care of itself. Drawing in millions of visitors a year, Banff nevertheless manages to kee…
213travelers 67reviews 57blogs
Edmonton #3 most popular location
Official Tourism Site: Edmonton is Alberta's capital and its second largest city behind Calgary. The total population of the greater Edmonton area is just over …
925travelers 46reviews 21blogs
Jasper #4 most popular location
Jasper National Park is the biggest of the parks of the Canadian Rockies, which together is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Despite its larger size, it is much less visited than its southern n…
43travelers 23reviews 22blogs
Canmore #5 most popular location
Canmore is a town in Alberta, Canada, located in the Bow Valley with a permanent population of 11,442. The non-permanent population is about 3,790 or 29% (combined population of 15,232). It i…
24travelers 4reviews 6blogs
Lake Louise #6 most popular location
Like Alberta herself, Lake Louise is named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848–1939).
26travelers 14reviews 21blogs
Grande Prairie #7 most popular location
Grande Prairie is a city of 55,000 (2011 figures although 2015 local figures suggest 68,000) in Northwest Alberta which makes it the seventh largest city in the Province. It lies 283 miles No…
33travelers 4reviews 1blogs
Drumheller #8 most popular location
The town of Drumheller is located 110 kms (68 miles) of Calgary and 240 kms (148 mi) of Edmonton straight in the middle of the Dinosaur Valley in the Canadian Badlands. The Red Deer River li…
7travelers 8reviews 1blogs
Fort McMurray #9 most popular location
Fort McMurray is located about 500 km north of Edmonton, Alberta at the end of Highway 63. Most people in the world have not heard of it, but I can guarantee that if you drive a car in North …
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Medicine Hat #10 most popular location
34travelers 1blogs
Hinton #11 most popular location
8travelers 1reviews
Leduc #12 most popular location
7travelers 1reviews
Sherwood Park #13 most popular location
Sherwood Park is a suburb to the South East of Edmonton. It is part of the Strathcona county.
26travelers 2reviews
Brooks #14 most popular location
Brooks is a city in southeast Alberta, Canada surrounded by the County of Newell.
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Slave Lake #15 most popular location
This overview regards the small town of Slave Lake (population just under 7,000 as of 2011) which lies on the Southeastern shore of the beautiful Lesser Slave Lake which was my reason for vis…
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Peace River #16 most popular location
With a population of about 6000 today, Peace River is a quiet town in Canada's northern Alberta, situated in the Peace River Valley, straddling the banks of the mighty Peace River. Human h…
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Whitecourt #17 most popular location
5travelers 4reviews
Athabasca #18 most popular location
Located about 2 hours North of Edmonton, Athabasca sits on the banks of the river that shares its name. It is a small town with a large University and many great outdoor spaces.
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Waterton Park #19 most popular location
Okotoks #20 most popular location
An interesting place in Canada. Has the most unusual building for a tea house. A place with all the tings a growing town needs including resturants and shopping centres.
2travelers 2reviews
Kananaskis #21 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Westlock #22 most popular location
Having just driven from the nearby virtual ghost town of Clyde, Westlock seemed positively metropolitan with it's shops, banks, hospital, RCMP station and all the other usual appurtenances of…
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Wainwright #23 most popular location
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High Prairie #24 most popular location
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Black Diamond #25 most popular location
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Grimshaw #26 most popular location
Grimshaw is a small place in Northern Alberta and the thing of greatest interest is the Cat Train. By this I do not mean a large means of transportation propelled by small felines but rather …
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Fort Macleod #27 most popular location
Fort MacLeod is located in the south-west of Canada's province Alberta. It's at 165 km south of Calgary and 50 km west of Lethbridge. The entrance to Waterton Lakes National Park is about 9…
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Berwyn #28 most popular location
Berwyn is a village of a little over 500 souls living in 225 dwellings in Western Alberta and is named for the Berwyn mountain range in Wales. Whilst it may have been a staging post in day…
Three Hills #29 most popular location
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Vulcan #30 most popular location
A small but friendly town in Canada with a star Trek theme which they all seem to have taken to heart. A seeming fullsize model Enterprise marks the spot.
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McLennan #31 most popular location
McLennan hamlet is a communty of a mere 809 souls (2011 figure) and is situated in the Green Lakes County about 30 miles North of High Prairie and about the same distance South of High Prairi…
Lac La Biche #32 most popular location
Patricia #33 most popular location
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Ponoka #34 most popular location
‘Ponoka’ means elk in Blackfoot. Our small town originated in 1891 as a delivery point along the Calgary-Edmonton Trail. In 1985,a sign was put up to identify the community by an unknown…
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Nanton #35 most popular location
Valleyview #36 most popular location
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Torrington #37 most popular location
Rycroft #38 most popular location
Rycroft boasts less than 700 souls. It really is another small Northern or Western Albertan community so typical of the region. It sits on the junction of Highway 49 (Spirit River Highway)…
Pincher Station #39 most popular location
Beaverlodge #40 most popular location
4travelers 2reviews
Kinuso #41 most popular location
Kinuso is about 30 miles distant from Slave Lake on the Southern shore of Lesser Slave Lake which is actually pretty huge. It boasts a population of less than 280 in it's less than a quarter …
Fawcett #42 most popular location
When I say Fawcett is small I really mean it. With exactly 79 inhabitants living in 27 of the 30 available dwellings (2011 figures) it really only merits hamlet status as it literally is a b…
Wembley #43 most popular location
Wembley is located just off Highway 43 about 14 miles West of Grande Prairie and is merely a small dormitory town which owes it's existence, like so many other places in Northern Alberta, to …
Caroline #44 most popular location
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Acme #45 most popular location