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Anchorage #1 most popular location
Backed by the striking, frosty hills of Alaska and fronted by some of the iciest stretches of water you’ll ever want to pointedly avoid stepping in, Anchorage is perhaps the ultimate stop o…
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Juneau #2 most popular location
The capital of Alaska, and easily one of the most beautiful places in the entire state (possibly even the entire United States), Juneau is a municipality located on the Gastineau Channel in t…
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Fairbanks #3 most popular location
The second largest city in Alaska, Fairbanks is located in a unique part of the world just short of 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle, meaning the summer days stretch on for hours, while t…
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Seward #4 most popular location
A deceptively long drive down the Seward Highway from Anchorage leads you to the city of Seward. Seward is a city on the Kenai Penninsula and has about 3,000 residents. Seward, named fo…
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Ketchikan #5 most popular location
This small south-eastern community on the coast with a population of about 8,000 is one of the cruise ship stops on most Alaskan cruises. It has the most standing totems in the State. Its…
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Homer #6 most popular location
Homer is a town on the north side of the entrance to Kachemak Bay from Cook Inlet, south of Anchorage. Arriving at Homer you see the panorama of mountains, white peaks, glaciers and Homer Spi…
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Skagway #7 most popular location
Skagway is located at the bottom of a deep valley, with very steep mountain sides. In the winter, it gets very little sun and there are few people around. In the summer, however, tourists and…
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Sitka #8 most popular location
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Talkeetna #9 most popular location
Talkeetna is a small town in Alaska between Anchorage and Denali National Park. It is the starting point for many mountain climbers seeking to climb Mt. McKinley, known as Denali to the loca…
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Denali National Park #10 most popular location
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McKinley Park #11 most popular location
Soldotna #12 most popular location
A good place to go fishing. And they have a Dairy Queen!
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Valdez #13 most popular location
Valdez is a fishing port, both for commercial and sport fishing. Freight moves through Valdez bound for the interior of Alaska. Sightseeing of the marine life and glaciers, together with both…
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Whittier #14 most popular location
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Gustavus #15 most popular location
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Palmer #16 most popular location
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Tok #17 most popular location
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Wasilla #18 most popular location
This small town on the northern point of Cook Inlet in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley gained notoriety after Sarah Palin arrived on the national scene as Senator John McCain's pick for vice pre…
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Girdwood #19 most popular location
Girdwood, Alaska formally called Glacier City is located about 40 miles southeast of Anchorage on the shores of Turnagain Arm. A one time mining town is now a year round resort town. Girdwood…
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Petersburg #20 most popular location
Nicknamed "Little Norway", Petersburg continues to proudly display its Scandanavian heritage. While the site was originally inhabited by native Tinglits as a seasonal fishing camp for severa…
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Healy #21 most popular location
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McCarthy #22 most popular location
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North Pole #23 most popular location
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Hyder #24 most popular location
The Alaskan Hyder calls itself The friendliest ghost town in Alaska. Although it belonging to Alaska, you can only reach Hyder by road (a stunning view awaits you along the way!) via Canada.…
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Cooper Landing #25 most popular location
Cooper Landing is a small area around Kenai Lake and the Kenai river that comes out of the lake. It is not the city but it has post office, store, restaurants and few places to stay. It is ve…
Deadhorse #26 most popular location
Deadhorse is a settlement located on the North Slope of the U.S. state of Alaska near the Arctic Ocean. The town consists mainly of facilities for the workers and companies that operate at th…
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Nome #27 most popular location
Accessible by airplane from Anchorage or Fairbanks, (or by daring sea captain,) Nome is well worth a visit on any Alaskan discovery tour. Located on the Seward Peninsula, it is a bustling sma…
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Kennicott #28 most popular location
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Haines #29 most popular location
Kodiak #30 most popular location
Kodiak is a typical Alaskan fishing town. For those who want to experiance Alaskan life, without all the "tourist traps" Kodiak is still in the running. In the summers boating, kyaking, f…
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Copper Center #31 most popular location
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Barrow #32 most popular location
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Chitina #33 most popular location
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King Salmon #34 most popular location
King Salmon is located on the Alaska peninsula on the north bank of the Naknek River about 15 miles upriver from the city of Naknek. King Salmon is in Bristol Bay Borough. Coordinates of King…
Coldfoot #35 most popular location
Originally named Slate Creek, Coldfoot was founded as a gold-mining camp in 1898. The name changed when many prospectors got "cold feet" upon winter's arrival and headed back south. At its tu…
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Alyeska #36 most popular location
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Wrangell #37 most popular location
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Willow #38 most popular location
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Kiana #39 most popular location
Kiana is a small fishing village with a population of about five hundred and is situated on the Kobuk River about a hundred miles Northeast from Kotzebue. The name Kiana derives from an old …
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Chicken #40 most popular location
Chicken is a miniscule town in eastern Alaska which marks either the start or the end of the Top of the World highway, depending on how you look at it. Downtown Chicken is comprised of three …
Auke Bay #41 most popular location
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Kasaan #42 most popular location
Technically an "organized village" established in 1938, Kasaan is an exceedingly small (population 49) settlement along the shores of Price of Wales Island in Alaska. The community is closel…
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Hope #43 most popular location
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Chena Hot Springs #44 most popular location
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Kotzebue #45 most popular location
Kotzebue is located in Northwest Alaska along the Bering Sea and about thirty miles above the Arctic Circle. The town is situated on a spit of land which is between 1100 and 3600 feet wide an…
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Manley Hot Springs #46 most popular location
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Prudhoe Bay #47 most popular location
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Cantwell #48 most popular location
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Hoonah #49 most popular location
Dutch Harbor #50 most popular location
Dutch Harbor is located within the city limits of Unalaska which is located on the islands of Unalaska Island and neighboring Amaknak Island which are connected by a bridge. Unalaska is in th…
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Anaktuvuk Pass #51 most popular location
Council #52 most popular location
Aniak #53 most popular location
Kenny Lake #54 most popular location
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Deering #55 most popular location
Saint Paul #56 most popular location
St. Paul is a city in the Pribilof Islands north of the Aleutian island chain. It is the main settlement of St. Paul Island. The Pribilofs, named for Russian navigator Gavriel Pribylov, is a …
Akutan #57 most popular location
Akutan is a small island of mostly mountains and one volcano approximately 40 mile east of Dutch Harbor in the Aluetian Islands. The island has one village the village of Akutan with a popula…
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Eagle #58 most popular location
Donnelly #59 most popular location
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Solomon #60 most popular location
McGrath #61 most popular location
Hobart Bay #62 most popular location
Galena #63 most popular location
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Thorne Bay #64 most popular location
Thorne Bay is a small village on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska. Originally a floating camp, Thorne Bay's fortunes exploded in 1960 when Ketchikan Pulp Company started a logging operation.…
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Unalakleet #65 most popular location
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Beluga #66 most popular location
Beluga is actually Beluga River and the area houses an oil company (Conoco Phillips) and an electric utility power plant (Chugach Electric). Other than those two entities the closest communit…
Livengood #67 most popular location
Nelchina #68 most popular location