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Sep 07, 2007
I've always thought (knew) that no matter where you go you're the only one who can make the trip good or bad. It's not about th…
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One week adventure and fun in Alanya
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Aug 08, 2007
I never liked the idea of going on holiday to a beach destination and party every night, get drunk to bed (if you make it) and …
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Jun 07, 2007 – Dec 30, 2007
Alanya   Staying in alanya for one and a half day was enough. The beach in alanya is good but it is populated to a great…
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Alanya - a royal wedding-gift
posted by:
May 01, 2008
According to tradition, when the roman emperor Marc Antonius had to choose a proper wedding gift for his beloved Cleopatra, the…
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