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Ajmer is surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains. It is a popular Muslim pilgrim city for the shrine or Dargah of the Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. It is also the base for visiting Pushkar (11 km), an ancient Hindu pilgrim town for the temple of Brahma. Ajmer is regarded as a center of education in Rajasthan. Ajmer was once known as Ajaymeru, the city ruled by Prithviraj Chauhan. The city has given its name to Ajmer district, and to a former region of British India called Ajmer-Merwara, and to the erstwhile state of Ajmer, which was formed after independence of India, and was incorporated into Rajasthan state on November 1, 1956.

Ajmer History.

Ajmer (Sanskrit Ajayameru) was founded in the late seventh century by Dushyant Chauhan. The Chauhan dynasty ruled Ajmer while repeated waves of Turkish invasions swept across north of India. Ajmer was conquered by Muhammad of Ghor, founder of the Delhi Sultanate, in 1193. Ajmer's internal government, however, was handed over to the Chauhan rulers upon the payment of a heavy tribute to the conquerors. Ajmer remained feudatory to Delhi until 1365 when it was captured by the ruler of Mewar. In 1509, Ajmer became a source of contention between the Maharajas of Mewar and Marwar, and was ultimately conquered by the Marwar ruler in 1532. Ajmer was conquered by the Mughal emperor Akbar in 1559. In the 18th century, Ajmer was also ruled by the Marathas. Until 1818 Ajmer was alternately conquered by the maharajas of Mewar and Marwar.

In 1818 the Marathas sold Ajmer to the British for 50,000 rupees, and it became Ajmer-Merwara Province. Since then Ajmer had enjoyed unbroken peace and stable governance. The province consisted of the districts of Ajmer and Merwara, which were physically separated by the territory of Rajputana Agency. Ajmer-Merwara was administered directly by the British Raj, by a commissioner who was subordinate to the governor-general's agent for Rajputana. Ajmer-Merwara remained a province of India from independence in 1947 to 1950, when it became the state of Ajmer.

In 1950, Ajmer state became a "Part C" state, governed by a chief commissioner appointed by the President of India. Haribhau Upadhyaya, a noted Congress leader, was the Chief Minister of Ajmer state from 24 March 1952 to 31 October 1956. Ajmer state was merged into Rajasthan state on November 1, 1956. Kishangarh sub-division of erstwhile Jaipur district was added to it to form Ajmer district.

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