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Airtran Airlines Orlando Reviews

TSXSquirrelygirlie TSXSquir…
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Best domestic carrier in many ways. Aug 16, 2011
I grew up in an airline family, United Airlines, so I have been flying since I was a few months old. Basically United was all I knew and the only airlines I would fly, even if it cost more. However, one time I had to fly AirTran and it was love on first flight.

I was really nervous about flying a low cost carrier but I felt I had more perks and paid a lot less. There are so many pros to flying with AirTran that it's all I will fly for domestic flights now, even if it isn't the cheapest. Yet most of the time they usually are the cheapest.

Their customer service is awesome, all the ticketing agents that I have interacted with are very friendly. I love the ease of checking in 24 hours prior to departure online. I can pay for my baggage fee or upgrade all the night before. Upgrading is so cheap too! Plus they will wave your checked baggage fee if you fly business.

They have the best on time arrivals and they have always been early for any flight I have been on. They will even try to push back early if everyone is on board and ready to go.

The flight itself is great. I will review both business and coach because I have been in both. I'll start with business because it's personally my favorite and I'll usually fly business because it's worth it to me. Why is it worth it? Well for one, the early boarding, drinks before the flight, the extra leg room, the larger seats, close to the bathroom without having to climb over people, the variety of snacks, FREE UNLIMITED ALCOHOL and other beverages. Even bottle water. I also feel like the flight attendants are more attentive because the section is smaller and I like that. It's nice to feel special on an airplane, especially in this day in age where you are usually just a seat number on most airlines.

As for coach, I just flew coach today so this will be fresh in my mind. The seat are pretty comfortable for coach seats. I love that they offer free satellite radio in both classes. I have it in my car and LOVE IT so it totally make flying more enjoyable. They will even give you a headset if you don't have one. However, I do miss listening to the cockpit like I would on United (yeah I was meant to be a pilot if I listened to that growing up over music, haha). Anyways, they offer you a drink and pretzels which is the norm for most airlines now. In all honesty I see no difference between the major airline carriers and what AirTran offers except AirTran is a lot more affordable. Most airlines have got rid of their small perks anyway.

My latest love is the GoGo internet access. Just purchase it before you board for a discounted rate. It passes SO much time to be playing on the internet and listening to the satellite radio. I honestly didn't want to get off my flight to Orlando because I was enjoying myself so much in business class. I had my unlimited snacks, drinks, internet and my music. Plus I am happiest in the air.

I really cannot rave enough over this airline. I never thought anything could pull me away from United considering I spent 31 years flying on them but AirTran did.

Oh and one last thing, I honestly believe AirTran is really the only airline that actually uses educated and professional mechanics. After 9/11 a lot of airlines fired their good mechanics to save money and hired kids, yes kids, right out of high school to fix these planes just to save money. These kids didn't even have their own tools! However, AirTran is on it with their mechanics and still have mechanics that know what they are doing and it shows. I've NEVER had a problem with flying on one of their planes, yet on other airlines we've had to get a new plane, go back to the gate or something else because of a mechanical problem. So yeah it shows.
It's all about business class.
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kingoftheicedragons kingofth…
83 reviews
Could This Be My Favorite Airline? Mar 13, 2011
Flying out of Minneapolis, this airline uses the smaller terminal, which makes it more convenient and easier to check in and get through security; however, there is little to do once you do go through. That, however, is not the fault of the airline (nor do they get credit for the positives of the smaller terminal). It also meant less time waiting at the gate, and less time waiting for de-icing, and things like that. We actually left on time, even though this was a winter flight, and I’m used to taking off at least 20 minutes late in winter because of things like de-icing. And coming back, even though we did not do online check in before getting to the airport, we got put into the first row of coach with the extra leg room, which made the return flight much easier. Plus, they still offer free pretzels, and you can also access Facebook for free in-flight.
abbybsb902 abbybsb9…
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A great disappointment Oct 18, 2010
I will make this simple (granted some of this was my personal experience that you may not experience)



-seats are decent


-My seat was dirty

-The staff is nasty. When the stewardess asked what I wanted to drink I said water. She forgot. No big deal so she then ask for refills. I nicely stated I'm sorry but I haven't gotten my water yet. She snap back and snapped her neck in an attitude saying I asked you, you didn't say anythang, now you wanna go ask? Next time speak up. First off I did but I can forgive her for that 2nd how dare her to catch an attitude.

-They charge you per bag and the amount increases with each bag (Delta was the same price only Delta you get a free bag) 20 bucks each starting! Jumps to $25 with 2 etc...ITS BAD!

-Its at the end of the terminal in Laguadia

-Baggage claim is far from terminal from Atlanta, GA

-worse snacks ever, literally 2 mini graham crackers and a small tumbler of a drink. Southwest and Jetblue are better

-If you are taller then 5'6 don't fly with them. There is no leg room. Thankfully I am between 5'4-5'6 and I just fit.
sweetsummerdaiz sweetsum…
154 reviews
Ontime, XM radio, friendly, and really affordable Sep 04, 2009
I have started diverting all of my airline business to Airtran out of Milwaukee.

This airline has pleasantly surprised me on many fronts.

1) Booking on their website is simple and straightforward.

2) Airfare is so cheap that even I can afford to fly them. ($39 each way to St. Louis, for example.)

3) On time. Every single flight I have been on so far is on time, not even 5 minutes late. How refreshing.

4) Service with a smile. The employees who work here both in the airports and in the airplanes seem really happy. I got off my flight and took a shuttle to the airport. While waiting in the shuttle I saw my captain and co-pilot thanking and hugging all the flight attendants in such a respectful way. It was nice to see.

5) Flexible - though I don't pay for early seating assignments I always get to the airport at least 2 hours early so I ask for a window seat (for free) and I have always gotten it so far.

6) I like how award tickets are issued. Instead of counting miles, every flight counts the same - no matter how far (or short), no matter how cheap.

7) I booked a trip for 2 and 1 had to cancel. There was no way to split the itinerary online so I called to ask. The customer service rep offered to split the itinerary and cancel the 1 for free (typically a $15 charge) and credited my account with what was left of the ticket.

8) Free XM Radio and Free WI-FI internet access in the cabin. The passengers seem to be quieter because they are entertained.

9) Lastly, though they don't serve food on the plane, they do still offer free beverages including a better selection of soda and juices.

Good beer, wine and cocktails are still cheap here at only $5 each instead of the $7-8 I have seen elsewhere. Great flavors to mix with, too!

They also still serve pretzels or biscotti.



No pillows or blankets are available on flight service so now I just bring my own in my carryon.
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Ed_MBA says:
Thank you for the info!!! Cheers, Ed
Posted on: Sep 05, 2009
marksreynolds says:
We ALWAYS use them for our domestic flights and your right, never had a bad flight!
Posted on: Sep 05, 2009

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