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New Delhi, India

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Pre-print your paperwork before going to Delhi Airport Apr 02, 2011
I recently connected through New Delphi airport, and hadn't printed my boarding pass for my connecting flight. After claiming my bag I had to exit the arrival area. To enter the check in area, I realized you had to have a pass as there was a guard not letting people past without paperwork and an ID. There were NO kiosks in the main area to print a boarding pass.

After a trying to figure out what to do, I found a very small tourist desk at which you can print items for a couple $USD per page. There was a VERY long line, there were 4 people basically doing nothing behind the counter, and it took me more than 1 hour to get to the desk. It became apparent why the line was so long - they were not plugged into the system, people were logging on to e-mail to print confirmations.

I had booked through Delta and connected with Air France. I tried to log on to Delta, but it took me to AF and was asking for a number to enter that I did not have. After losing another 30-45 minutes, and with my plane leaving in less than 1 hour, I had to go to security and have an Air France Rep meet me at the entrance and escort me to the AF check in area. I barely made it as they were shutting the check in for that flight down within minutes. I then had to jump the security line and rush to my flight. I barely made it.

The moral of the story...bring all of your paperwork to Delhi and print check in paperwork at your hotel and prior to going.

I strongly encourage the airport authority to install kiosks in the main entrance area to allow people to print paperwork there.

Finally, I will add that this airport opened recently and it is very very nice (other than the issue I posted). Very clean, very modern, and very large.
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cristinaeagle cristina…
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Advise two Airports in New Delhi Oct 06, 2008
Just as a advise there two airport in New Delhi , one for international flights and the other for domestic , so if you coming for example from chicago (ORD) you should check your lugagge just to Delhi /

Both airports have the same code (DEL)

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