Airport in Miami - Miami International Airport (MIA)

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Miami, Florida

Airport in Miami - Miami International Airport (MIA) Reviews

Andy99 Andy99
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Miami International Airport - MIA Sep 27, 2013
Miami International Airport (MIA) is a hub for American Airlines. We passed through MIA en route from Washington Dulles International Airport to Madrid and then again en route from Barcelona to back to Dulles. MIA is a very large airport, the 12 busiest in the US and 26th busiest in the world.

The IAD-MIA flight arrived at gate D40 while our connecting MIA-MAD flight was to depart from gate D16, at the other end of the terminal. We had 75 minutes and there was no problem in making the connection. (Our checked through luggage made it, too.) We rode the Skytrain people mover between the ends of the terminal.

Returning, passport control and custom were without incident. The Immigration officials, though, seemed prone to take up long (non-official) conversations with arriving passengers, while keeping those in line waiting. We needed to go though security check again after turning our checked luggage over for the connecting domestic flight.

With a four hour layover on the return, there was time to have dinner at the Islander Bar and Grill in Terminal D. Also there was time to look at the airport shops. One had gourmet foods and more. I'm not sure how one would travel with items that needed refrigeration like the cheeses and Iberian Ham. I did pick up some jars of salsa and a small Tortuga Rum Cake.

A quite fascinating discovery was that nearly all of the MIA airport workers use Spanish as their first language, and this includes the US Customs and Immigration officials and the airline gate staff. MIA has long been a hub and gateway to Latin America.
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Miami International Airport Skytra…
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X_Drive says:
We found the airport to be very good but the flight had to take at the end of our cruise on A/A was a disaster. We waited on board for three hours before we could take off. :(
Posted on: Oct 25, 2013
idiosyncraticJRNYS says:
Yeah congrats!. MIA has improved since they been expanding it and finally added a tram. The airport staff do treat you like you are at internment and very chaotic.
Posted on: Oct 25, 2013
rsvpme says:
Andy ....Congrats on making feature. Miami Airport has been my portal to Central and South America for a number of years. In my mind, it is an insensitive, and very staff difficult airport, bar none. I never seem to go through Passport Control and Customs without some negative remarks about my destination. I was once asked how i could ever spend a winter in Guatemala, due to its status, in the eyes of the officer. Yet, it is staffed, basically by Latinos. A very cold, non-caring airport.
Posted on: Oct 25, 2013
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HuBison HuBison
417 reviews
Cheaper way to get into Miami Beach from MIA Mar 11, 2012
I went to Miami in March 2012 and have been there several times prior. I usually have a friend pick me, but this time, she was busy planning the details of her birthday party for the weekend. I went with another friend, but she arrived before me and she took the Super Shuttle for $21 each way! I researched and found the Airport Flyer for $2.35 each way. A private cab from the airport can cost over $35.

If you ask or following the signs for the city buses, it will lead you to a public transportation booth (with a/c during the hot summer months), seating, maps, and ticket machines. I think it's also near Concourse C, but you have to make your way downstairs, outside and across to the other side nearing the parking lot. You should look up your schedule online prior to arriving as the shuttle starts early in the morning and the last one leaves the airport at 1110pm. The weekday shuttle schedule differs from the weekend schedule. There are luggage racks and ample seating.

There are only a few stops from MIA into downtown Miami (where you can transfer to other forms of transportation) and then you arrive at the last stop on Lincoln Road between Collins and Washington Avenues in Miami Beach. Local folks hop on and off and some of the airport staff use it as they make their way home, but it's a much more affordable options for getting into Miami Beach and to other places Miami (especially for the dollar savvy Spring Breaker or young traveler). It looks like a regular city bus, but it says airport flyer (or bus 150). From the airport, it picks up folks a little farther down than where the other buses stop, so be sure to follow the signs for bus 150.
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yadilitta yadilitta
723 reviews
Always busy Miami's Airport - MIA Nov 15, 2008
Busy Miami’s Airport – MIA

I’ve been at this airport back in 2002 but also recently. It’s amazing how this airport has been growing. There are new terminals, which are supposed to make things easier and faster but even though…

Well, I suppose I have to write the review impartial, but am not a huge fan of Miami’s airport. Here are my impressions and recommendations.

Bad or not so nice things:

-Miami’s airport is a hub so it’s reasonable it’s always crowded (doesn’t matter the time or day) but it looks a bit chaotic to me.

-Don’t be surprised if customs take a long time. At least if does so if you aren’t an American Citizen. Just take a deep breath and leave enough time if you have to make a connection flight.

-Because of all the international flights coming and leaving the security is stronger than at other airports. So be patient and smile.

-The airport grew recently. There are new terminals but walking from one to another can take time, specially if you have to carry / roll your big bag. So be sure you have enough time. I had to run a couple of times and wasn’t very funny, hehe. Well, it was :P

-If you have a late flight, don’t expect the shops to be opened. They close around 9pm and won’t open until 8am next morning.

Good things:

-Miami’s airport became modern

-They have a shuttle service to the TRI-Rail station

Facts that can surprise you:

-Miami’s airport looks to me more like a Latinamerican airport than an American one. Almost everyone there speaks Spanish, sure English is the official language, but sometimes I found more people speak Spanish.

-Miami is really hot, but at the airport it could be a bit cool – at the gates – due to the a/c

Despite missing a flight, almost missing another and other stuff, I also had great experiences here. So, it's up to everyone.
the corridors
jrmoura says:
taking the bus this time long does it take tho?!
Posted on: Jun 11, 2012
andrejav says:
City transit buses cover most of the Miami and Miami Beach, and they go from concourse E. That is the cheapest way to go around. Taxi to the beach is around $35 and bus $2.5
Posted on: Jun 23, 2011
Flyinhigh says:
Posted on: Feb 19, 2009

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