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Orlando, Florida
Airline:  United Airlines - my giant seat
Airline:  United Airlines - my plate of crap at the air new Zealand lounge
Airline:  United Airlines - yea leg room!
Airline:  United Airlines - 747 upper deck

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osgoodst osgoodst
124 reviews
747 - upper deck Jun 19, 2013
Last week I decided to fly from LA to Melbourne to see if wine swirled backwards ( just in, may go backwards but still delicious), and my private jet pilot Jenkins ( also a butler) was learning how to better iron my ascot, so I decided to fly commercial. Naturally being out of ChicagoI chose United Airlines, not just cause I really like that airline ( I really don't) but I got a chance to ride in the upper deck of the Boing 747, an experience that should be enjoyed by all.

In the upper deck I had my usual assortment of rich old people trying to spend all their money so little Jimmy won't get it when they croak, a few miserable business people, and some sort of evangilical preacher who was working hard on this old guy who was busy traveling the road doing the horizontal bomp until he's laying horizontally underground if you get my drift!

A big problem with the flight from LAX to Sydney is that it doesn't leave up 10 pm, since I was just in Europe I was in pretty bad shape at this point, but stayed awake long enough for a couple glasses of wine; the reds were from spain, although if it isn't from France, and starts with "Le" I'm really not interested ( hey United, or you could get wine from the two places your flying too, you know Napa to Victoria by I digress).

The real reason to be on the upper deck ( besdies no loud children) is the huge seat... and the entertainment did have my favorite flying movie, Alice in Wonderland ( don't ask, but I like it). This is a long flight, so plan to sleep. All the turbelence will shake you to sleep you know! The area from Australia to New Guinea / New Zealand is notirious for its turbulence so enjoy!

The actual food on the plane was a little meh, although they still have the icecream sundae bar. The real highlight is for the short one hour layover in Sydney, where the upper deckers get access to the Air New Zealand lounge. On my way end for breakfast it was all you can drink, and they had an automated pancake maker. On the way out for lunch they had make your own panini, pizza, and my own favoruite, a hot dog stand with all the fixens.

I hope you enjoyed this review, I just found out my scale only weighsounces, not troy ounces.... Jenkins will surely hear about this.
my plate of crap at the air new Ze…
747 upper deck
yea leg room!
my giant seat
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hobawest hobawest
9 reviews
Havoc-wreaking ordeal with United Airlines Apr 07, 2013
I was originally scheduled to fly out on 05 April; however my incoming United flight was delayed due to maintenance issues. The clerk at the gate was very unhelpful in re-scheduling flights for me because I was going to miss my connections (all four of them!) all the way to Buenos Aires, and a remote airport at Rio Grande, Argentina. (BHM->IAH->GRU->AEP->RGA).

I came back the next day and tried to get my boarding passes but all they could print off for me was from BHM to IAH. They told me that I could get the last legs' boarding passes once I arrived there.

I stopped by the United Airlines customer service desk and they said they were unable to help me; and that I'd be able to get my boarding passes once I arrived in GRU (int'l flight).

Once I arrived at GRU, I find that United Airlines didn't re-book my connecting flights (GRU-AEP-RGA). At this point they had two entire days to re-book those flights and I was dealing with clerks' poor English and/or my bad Spanish. I was told that they had re-booked my flights and so three "re-booked" flights later (and nearly 12 hours of sitting in the United Lounge at GRU), I finally had the last legs of my trip. The problem was that my luggage had already been flown to AEP and arrived before I'm going to arrive.

The next problem is that I now arrive in AEP around 2100hrs and my next flight isn't until 0530hrs the following day. That's quite a long time to spend in the airport lobby before I'm able to re-check my luggage for the next flight.

It just seems that at every turn, United Airlines has not been responsible enough to take care of its customer. I understand that there are issues in air travel and I'm no stranger to being stranded (unfortunately) but it seems that everywhere I went in dealing with United I was greeted by the same problem: lack of follow-through. The people I dealt with were nice enough and I'm even going to leave positive feedback for one gentlemen who was able to help me and upgraded my seats for the long flight; however, this entire issue could have been solved on Day One if United had just re-booked me on the same exact flights one day later.

I will never fly United again but I wish I could transfer my miles over to Delta.
Fitnessguru729 Fitnessg…
131 reviews
United Airlines Oct 04, 2011
I enjoyed flying international on United Airlines from Philadelphia to Rome a few months ago. The meals served were tasty and pretty good for airline food. I was served the meatloaf and veggies with a brownie. I recommend flying United from the east coast to Europe. The only negative experience was the ticket agent being pushy and a one of their flight attendants told me to put my bag away faster and another one told me to put my bag on the floor so she could put it away. This was due to me running late and trying to catch a non-rev flight from Rome to Philadelphia so it seemed like their staff was not communicating. C'mon United! There's no "I" in TEAM kiddos! HA!
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alexchan alexchan
122 reviews
Apr 24, 2007
UA272 from Los Angeles to Orlando.

CHECK IN: United offers online check-in which meant that formalities at the airport are very quick. Just scan your online printout and hand your baggage to the airline staff behind the counter.

SECURITY CHECKS: Going through X-ray at LAX, we noticed several signs stating that Ngurah Rai airport (Bali) does not adhere to adequate security requirements.

Strange … why tell me now when I’m departing LAX? There aren’t any flights from LAX to/from Bali. Maybe it is to tell people that if they go to Bali they shouldn’t fly back from there … maybe they should swim to Jakarta and catch the flight from there?

And why single out Bali? I’m sure there are other rogue airports around the world, right?

FLIGHT: The crew on the flight were attentive but one was particularly friendly and had that special spark. During the beverage service she somehow detected that the brat sitting behind Kim was a real bother … incessantly kicking Kim’s seat.

A bit later, she sent her colleague to check on the situation and Kim was offered a seat in Economy Plus … with up to five extra inches and normally at a fee we wouldn’t consider.

Free drinks were offered from time to time during the flight. Food was available for puchase … even though we weren’t hungry, the sesame chicken salad looked tempting … and they were more economically priced that airport food.

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