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Aguada is a municipality of Puerto Rico, located in the Costal Valley of the West region bordering the Atlantic Ocean, west of Rincón, Aguadilla and Moca; and north to Anasco. Aguada's population is spread over 17 wards and Aguada Pueblo or downtown.

It is popularly held that Christopher Columbus landed in Aguada when he discovered Puerto Rico in November 1493. Aguadilla also makes this claim. While there is no specific historical proof, it is known that many of the first attempts to set up a town on the island were in Aguada. Aguada became a stopover point for ships on their way to Spain from South America. On 1737, the King of Spain declared that all mail on route to Venezuela and other South America countries from Puerto Rico must exit from Aguada's ports, leading to the area's economic growth.

The restaurant at the far end of the island (on the West coast in Aguada to be exact) is called Platano Loco (The Crazy Plantain)and it, indeed, serves a plantain sandwich. Along with plantain dumpling soup, plantain pizza, plantain parmesan, plantain burgers and spaghetti with a plantain sauce

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