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Afrodisias Overview

Afrodisias is one of the nicest archeological sites of Turkey. Excavations have shown that there has been a habitation here dating back to 3000 BC.

There are two hills in Afrodisias, the acropolis and the pekmezhill, both of them originated through an accumulation of settlements starting in the Bronze Age. The place where there are ruins today are quite likely to have been holy since the Neolithic Age.

It were probably the Assyrians who started a cult in this remote place, dedicated to the eastern goddess of love, Ishtar (also known as Astarte). A few centuries later, the Greek took over and changed the name of the settlement in Afrodisias, after their goddess of love.

For a long time, Afrodiasias was holy place with a substantial settlement attached to it. In the first and second century AD there was a noticeable period of development though. Afrodiasias became widely known for its fine sculpturing. The city also became a centre of medical science and philosophy.

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