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Top cities in Africa, page 2, based on popularity among TravBuddy members.

Moshi-Kilimanjaro #101 most popular location
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Etosha #102 most popular location
The dry, dazzlingly white landscape of Etosha National Park is home to a vast amount of African wildlife. The park surrounds the Etosha Pan: a giant salty and flat expanse that covers part of…
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Djibouti #103 most popular location
22travelers 14reviews 7blogs
Ngorongoro #104 most popular location
Ngorongoro Crater is a World Heritage Site located on the eastern edge of the Serengeti in northern Tanzania. Ngorongoro is considered “Africa’s Garden of Eden” – a haven for thousa…
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Cotonou #105 most popular location
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Edenvale #106 most popular location
2travelers 3reviews
Erfoud #107 most popular location
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Ait Ben Haddou #108 most popular location
Ait Ben Haddou is a "ksar" (fortified village) located in south-central Morocco. 30km's west of Ouarzazate en-route to Marrakech. The collection of fortifications and dwellings is built on…
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Bamako #109 most popular location
Bamako is the capital of Mali and is historically and culturally one of the richest areas in West Africa. It has a reputation of being a mecca for those seeking a traditional cultural experi…
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Murchison Falls National Park #110 most popular location
Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda's largest national park. It is located around 5 hours from Kampala in the Masindi and Nwoya districts. It is named after the water falls of the same na…
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Hluhluwe #111 most popular location
Hhluhluwe-Umfolozi's main focus is the protection of the black rhino, but all of Africa's big five can be seen info on http://www.gamereservehluhluwe.com/
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Komatipoort #112 most popular location
Komatiport is a town located few kilometers from south gates of Kruger National Park, near rivers Komati and Crocodile. Crocodile Bridge Gate to Kruger National Park is located only 8 km fro…
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Nungwi #113 most popular location
Nungwi is a fishing village and a tourist attraction located at the northernmost tip of Unguja (Zanzibar Island), Tanzania. It is within the Unguja North Region. In the past it was mostly …
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Bahir Dar #114 most popular location
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Montagu #115 most popular location
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Luanda #116 most popular location
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Mount Sinai #117 most popular location
Mount Sinai or Mount Moses is a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula, it is called "Gabal Moussa" in arabic, Gabal means "mountain" and "Moussa" means Moses. Mount Sinai is 2285 metres high, and t…
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La Digue #118 most popular location
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Lome #119 most popular location
31travelers 12reviews 9blogs
Kasane #120 most popular location
Kasane is the extreme Northernmost ciy in Botswana. This small town is near the confluence of the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers, where the international borders of 4 countries meet: Botswana, Nam…
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Tinghir #121 most popular location
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Douala #122 most popular location
23travelers 4reviews 3blogs
El Jadida #123 most popular location
El Jadida, previously known as Mazagan, was seized in 1502 by the Portuguese. It is a port city on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, in the province of El Jadida. It has a population of 144,44…
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Skoura #124 most popular location
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Algiers #125 most popular location
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Bujumbura #126 most popular location
Bujumbura is the capital city of Burundi. The city lies at the northeastern corner of Lake Tanganyika and is Burundi's largest city and its administrative, communications, and economic center…
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Sesriem #127 most popular location
Sossusvlei is a salt pan located in the Namib-Naukluft National Park which can be accessed through a gate at Sesriem. It is surrounded by high red sand dunes and a few camelthorn trees can be…
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Sun City #128 most popular location
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Boksburg #129 most popular location
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Nabeul #130 most popular location
Nabeul is in the Cap Bon Peninsula of Tunisia. Worth coinciding your trip with the weekly cattle and camel market here... though its a bit difficult locating the blue gate of the enclosure. T…
3travelers 1reviews
Yaounde #131 most popular location
14travelers 1reviews
Tetouan #132 most popular location
Tetouan is in the North of Morocco and is famous for its Medina, which is on the World Heritage List of the UNESCO. The city was constructed in the 3th century. Therefore a lot of houses have…
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Maun #133 most popular location
Maun is a funny assortment of buildings and mud huts. It is one of the fastest growing towns in Africa, and is the town from which most people take safaris into the Okavango Delta and the Mak…
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Madinat Makadi #134 most popular location
Mahdia #135 most popular location
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Jeffreys Bay #136 most popular location
Jeffreys Bay is a very pleasant, small town located in South Africa's Eastern Province, on the country's South Coast. The beaches are beautiful and long. As a result Jeffreys Bay is famous…
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Phalaborwa #137 most popular location
5travelers 2reviews
Jambiani #138 most popular location
Jambiani is a small village on east coast of Zanzibar.
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Lilongwe #139 most popular location
Lilongwe, (named after the Lilongwe River) is the capital and largest city of Malawi. The city is located in the central region of Malawi, near the borders with Mozambique and Zambia. The cit…
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Saint Lucia Estuary #140 most popular location
The St Lucia wetlands is a protected nature reserve, which is also a Unesco World Heritage site. Watch out for the crocodiles and hippo's!
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Libreville #141 most popular location
Libreville is a city of approx. 1 million located in the western region of Gabon on the atlantic ocean. It contains the deepwater port of Owendo, adn the Komo river runs through the city to t…
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Gaborone #142 most popular location
The capital of Botswana and a city of just over 200,000, "Gabs" is easily the largest and most important city in the country. In fact, it is Africa's fastest growing city. With the largest …
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Ballito #143 most popular location
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Skukuza #144 most popular location
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Gondar #145 most popular location
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Monrovia #146 most popular location
Monrovia. Located on the Atlantic Coast of West Africa on Cape Mesurado, it is the capital city of Liberia. More than that, it is the most populated city in the entire country, and is the cen…
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Imlil #147 most popular location
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Malelane #148 most popular location
Malelane (or Malalane) is farm town located just besides southern borders of Kruger National Park, by one of the most important routes N4 which connects Johannesburg and Maputo (Mozambique). …
Watamu #149 most popular location
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Gonder #150 most popular location
Gonder was founded by Emperor Menas in 1559 and the town served as Ethiopia's capital until Tewodros II moved the capital to Magadala in 1855, after that the city was several times plundered …
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Banjul #151 most popular location
Banjul Population: 1.5 million Local Time: GMT Flight Time from U.K. to Banjul: 6hrs Currency: Gambian…
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Okavango Delta #152 most popular location
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Kololi #153 most popular location
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Kairouan #154 most popular location
Kairouan is a mixture of new buildings and very old houses. Kairouan has one big mosque this is a very important one for whole Tunisia. They call Kairouan the holy city. This town is also ver…
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Matmata #155 most popular location
3travelers 4reviews 5blogs
Oran #156 most popular location
21travelers 2reviews
Upington #157 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews 3blogs
Nanyuki #158 most popular location
Nanyuki is a market town in central Kenya, lying north west of Mount Kenya along the A2 road and at the end of the railway. It was founded in 1907 by British settlers in 1907, some of whose d…
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Richards Bay #159 most popular location
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Malabo #160 most popular location
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Mbabane #161 most popular location
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Siwa #162 most popular location
demerymahmoud@hotmail.com Oasis: lies in depressions, which are lower than the surrounding land, and below sea level where the ground water is available ,lay out of cairo 800KM Climate: …
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Victoria #163 most popular location
With 115 islands scattered over 870,000 square miles of warm crystal clear waters, Seychelles offers an ever-expanding variety of experiences to the visitor seeking quality and diversity. F…
13travelers 7reviews
Edfu #164 most popular location
Edfu is an egyptian city, located on the west bank of the Nile river between Esna and Aswan. Edfu is the site of Ptolemaic Temple of Horus and an ancient settlement.Although unassuming and un…
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Masai Mara Game Reserve #165 most popular location
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Polokwane #166 most popular location
8travelers 1reviews 4blogs
Douz #167 most popular location
Entering Douz is a strange feeling. You can feel the silence of the dessert. Douz is the main gate to the Sahara. It is an experience to take a ride on a camel. (in fact it is a Dromedaris be…
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Sidi Bou Said #168 most popular location
This is a miracle! No one has written about Sidi Bou Said!! This is one of the most famous places in Tunisia. The view you have to the bay! Spectacular! And the tea and fruit juices they offe…
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Grahamstown #169 most popular location
8travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Cape Point #170 most popular location
Cape Point is located at the southeast corner of the Cape Peninsula, a mountainous and scenic landform that runs north-south for about thirty kilometres at the extreme southwestern tip of the…
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Bamburi #171 most popular location
If you are visiting bamburi as a tourist then you will be staying in one of the hotels along Bamburi beach. The beach is beautiful with warm water however at low tide it can get crowded as t…
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Belle Mare #172 most popular location
Belle Mare boasts one of the best beaches of Mauritius with 10km of very white sand and the clearest crystal blue sea. Located on the east Coast of Mauritius, this beach is one not to be mis…
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Elmina #173 most popular location
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Langebaan #174 most popular location
About a one hour drive from Cape Town along the R27, you will find the picturesque town of Langebaan on the shores of the Langebaan Lagoon with azure-blue waters bordered by white sandy beach…
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Limbe #175 most popular location
3travelers 4reviews 3blogs
Niamey #176 most popular location
3travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Chobe #177 most popular location
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Kribi #178 most popular location
Kribi, at around 2 hours drive south of Douala (if the traffic around Douala permits!) is referred to by many of the local people as Kribi La Belle, Kribi, the beautiful. It is situated right…
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Kimberley #179 most popular location
5travelers 2reviews 3blogs
Praia #180 most popular location
11travelers 4blogs
Graskop #181 most popular location
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Bawiti #182 most popular location
Bawiti lies in the Oasis of Bahariya in Egypt. It is the largest settlement in the Oasis and almost all of the Bedouin locals who inhabit the oasis live in this town. Bawiti is about 6 ho…
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La Marsa #183 most popular location
5travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Lamu Island #184 most popular location
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Moulay Idriss #185 most popular location
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Graaff-Reinet #186 most popular location
Tofo #187 most popular location
7reviews 8blogs
Sabie #188 most popular location
Ngorongoro Crater #189 most popular location
9travelers 3reviews 6blogs
Kom Ombo #190 most popular location
The town of Kom Ombo lies on the banks of the river Nile in southern Egypt. The town lies between the cities of Aswan and Luxor and is frequented by cruise ships that sail in the region. T…
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Boa Vista #191 most popular location
Welcome to Cape Verde... If you are planning a trip to the Cape Verdian islands Boa Vista has a lot to see and do. Boa Vista's main town is Sal Rei this is where you will find everything fr…
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Bulawayo #192 most popular location
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Serrekunda #193 most popular location
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Kiwengwa #194 most popular location
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Tarangire #195 most popular location
Tarangire National Park is a national park is located in Manyara Region. The name of the park originates from the Tarangire river that crosses through the park, being the only source of water…
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Port Louis #196 most popular location
The history of Port Louis first starts at the eighteenth century when the French took possession of the island. As a tribute for their King, Louis XV, the French settlers named the region as …
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Mahebourg #197 most popular location
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Ain Sukhna #198 most popular location
Taba Heights #199 most popular location
Taba Heights is a new resort situated in the Sinai Peninsula. The resort comprises of the Hyatt, Marriott, Intercontinental, Sofitel and The Three Corners El Wekala Golf Resort. There is also…
Saint-Paul #200 most popular location
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