Adventures in Búzios, Brasil

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Buzios, Brazil
Adventures in Búzios, Brasil - © Sam 2007
Adventures in Búzios, Brasil - © Sam 2007
Adventures in Búzios, Brasil - © Sam 2007
Adventures in Búzios, Brasil - © Sam 2007
Adventures in Búzios, Brasil - © Sam 2007

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How to get the most out of your stay May 17, 2008
Búzios is located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is just a 2 hour drive (105 miles) north-east from the Rio airport (GIG). Búzios is a peninsula consisting of more than 10 gorgeous beaches and some of the most spectacular viewpoints I have ever seen.

Búzios is a very touristy city, so most shopkeepers and hotel staff speak at least some English. It is a very safe city as long as you use common sense. Obviously, you don't want to do things like leaving your purse or beach gear unattended, speaking English in a loud voice (this only draws attention to the fact that you are a tourist), or walking alone in sketchy areas at night.

Most hotels in Búzios are very simple and very clean, but note that the water is not safe to drink. Make sure that you purchase a large bottle of water (most hotels are equipped with mini-fridges) to drink and brush your teeth with. As long as the water is not swallowed (ie: showers and hand-washing are okay), then it is safe. The hotels range in price depending on location (as in all cities, really), but they are generally a fair deal. I wouldn't spend extra money on a fancy hotel, seeing as you will probably be at the beach or shopping all day long.

If you are planning to rent a car during your stay in Búzios, there are some things you should know. When you park on the street, you will usually be greeted by men offering to watch you car for a small price. Unfortunately, you have no choice but to pay him, for he will probably scratch or damage your car if you refuse. This might be the time to learn a few phrases in Portuguese... and don't let them take advantage of you because you're foreign. Usually, don't go above R$15 - R$20 for parking.

Honestly, by car is the best way to get around. If you are planning to stay in the downtown area, then a car is not necessary, for everything is within walking distance. But if you want to explore all the beaches and see the viewpoints, then I recommend renting a car.

Rua das Pedras (literally: Stone Street) is the centre for shopping in Búzios. It is packed with unusual shops, fun restaurants, and of course people. Eating out in Búzios is often a very fair price, but shopping (souvenirs, handbags, shoes, clothing, etc.) is rather expensive. Downtown Búzios has great nightlife for teens, adults, and families. There is always fun to be had!

You can't visit Búzios without going to the beach. Depending on how many days you plan to stay, I recommend going to a new beach every day. Then, on your last day, go back to the one you liked best. Note that the beaches are least crowded in the morning, and then get extremely busy in the afternoon. Also, the sun is the safest in the morning when it is lower in the sky. Avoid going to the beach in the afternoon if you have fair or sensitive skin, for the sun's rays are strongest when it is higher in the sky. Be aware that the wind may make things cooler, but the sun is still beating on you. Though you may not feel it, you could get dangerous sunburns or sunstroke if you are not careful. The beaches are always infested with various vendors who sell everything under the sun. From flip-flops to jewellery and coconuts to hot dogs, you can get in on the beach... usually without leaving your seat. Swimming, surfing, paddleball, snorkelling, and of course soccer, are the most common sports action. Bring whatever activities you desire to make your beach experience memorable.

In the end, Búzios is probably my favourite tropical destination yet, and it's a great introduction to Brazil. Mention Búzios to any Brazilian and they will probably name it their favourite place in the world.

Hope this review has helped, and I hope you decide to go to Búzios one day. Message me or email me ( with any further questions you have. See my photos for more pictures!

Happy traveling!
© Sam 2007
© Sam 2007
© Sam 2007
© Sam 2007
twilk76 says:
ahhh the water, maybe that is how byron got sick. we thought it was the shrimp he bought fromt that sketchy dude on the beach. either he was out of commission for a few days. i love how you used the word infested when describing the beach vendors, that is perfect. enjoyed the review, cheers
Posted on: Nov 16, 2007
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