Adam's Peak (Sri Pada)

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Adam's Peak (Sri Pada) Reviews

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Excellent exercise and an amazing sunrise May 16, 2015
I am not religious, so this wasn't the reason why I got up at 2 am to climb more than 5,000 stairs to the top of Adam's Peak, a universally sacred mountain. There is a big 'footprint' on top, which for some reason has made it a holy place for all four religions: Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. I was going for the view – and the morning exercise.

The climb up is not too bad. Most of the time the stairs are crowded, but nobody is running, and you can buy snacks and rest along the way. We got where we needed to go in time to see the sunrise. And it was amazing! It's on my top 3 list of most beautiful sunrises ever. You will enjoy it even more if you bring a windbreaker – it's chilly up there.

And then you descend. That's the hard part. The first 2,000 stairs are not so bad, but when you continue stepping down uneven, rocky stairs it takes a toll on your knees. I'm fit, but not used to running up and down thousands of stairs, so when we finally got back to the hotel, I walked like an old, arthritic woman. It was totally worth it, though - and I was fine the next day.:)

According to some guide books, it's a dangerous journey to the top. It might be, but it doesn't feel that way, because you walk along with very old people and see mothers with babies on their arms.
View of Adam's Peak from the hotel.
After having walked in darkness fo…
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kuan kuan
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"If you have never climbed Sri Pada, you're a fool" - Sinhalese saying Mar 21, 2012
There is a saying in Sinhalese; if you have never climbed Sri Pada, you're a fool AND if you have climbed it twice, you're also a fool :)

It started with just a random photo online of a sunrise taken at Adam's Peak. I made an immediate decision to go see it for myself, without knowing how high it was and how much work it would take. Until... the night before I was to take a train from Colombo to Hatton. All my Sri Lankan friends (a total of about 10) were shocked and thought I was crazy for going alone. I literally had "cold feet" the night before, especially when i found out we had to take 5,200 steps to go up. *gulp* But i really wanted to see the sunrise, and so i did.

Hatton - Nallathanni (Dalhousie) - Hatton

As mentioned earlier, I ended up in Hatton station and took the bus service (right outside the train station) that goes to Adam's Peak. It costs 71 Rupees on paper (but I was charged only 70 Rupees each way). The ride is supposed to only be 1.5 hours. BUT it can take longer cause the driver and conductor might take their time to run errands, buy food - mine stopped for 5 mins just to buy some Vade :) etc.. The other alternative is to take a three-wheeler/tuk-tuk/auto-rick which will cost about USD10 one way. I personally like the bus better, but if you have a train to catch on the way back, I'd suggest taking the three-wheeler to the station instead. For me, the bus took an extra 45 minutes, which translates to just 10 minutes before my train was bound to leave. Too risky.

Climb Up

Though shortest of all the routes, this one is the steepest. 5,200 steps in total. Depending on fitness level (mine is low), start at about 1-2am. The start of the trail is easy, up till you hit about 1.5-2km. Then the continuous flight of stairs starts. It took my breath away when I first looked up! I have never seen so many stars in the sky and the lit up stairs to the peak made it look like a "stairway to the stars" :)

Things to Bring

SHOES - One of the main concern I had was if I required trekking boots. I decided against it and just wore sneakers. When you climb, you will notice a lot of locals who are making their pilgrimage, wearing only sandals or none at all.

GLOVES - Bring also a pair of gloves. The last 1km is challenging and you might need to pull yourself up using the railings, and trust me, at that altitude and time, they are as cold as ice!

WARM CLOTHING/BLANKET - If you arrived early, like I did, it is going to get chilly. The wind blows mercilessly! I didn't bring much warm clothing, so I temporarily "borrowed" a fleece blanket from the guest house before the hike!

Overall a wonderful experience, though my ankles, calves, knees, thighs, arms, shoulders are hurting as I type, and I've been walking like an old lady all day. LOL.

But I thought you should know that I'd do it again ;)

p/s: I'm writing this as the experience is still fresh in my mind. Will upload the photos when I get back. Keep a lookout :)
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kuan says:
It is, bhai! But be sure to check the season!
Posted on: Mar 26, 2012
beau_bread says:
Wow looks like a place worth visiting..i ll surely love to do that..
Posted on: Mar 22, 2012
Shakar81 Shakar81
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Sacred climb in the middle of the night to Adam's Peak... Aug 24, 2011
There is a surreal place that exists deep in the hilly interior of Sri Lanka, and that is Adam's Peak (Also known as "Sri Pada" derived from Sanskrit). A major pilgrimage site with an ancient history, the conical peak of the mountain dominates the surrounding countryside and houses a large temple which is lit up with light each night. The mountains attracts large numbers of pilgrims who climb to the top in order to catch a glimpse of a famous Buddha footprint in a boulder at the top. Other religious traditions believe this is the footprint of Adam (as in Adam and Eve fame). Regardless of whose footprint it really is, the place in general is filled with a powerful energy and sacred presence. You must wake around 3am to do the 7km climb to the top and reach in time for sunrise. Your journey takes you up thousands of stone steps, besides Sri Lankan pilgrims, monks, and holy men. There are "tea houses" along the way serving refreshments for the weary. Reaching the top on time is very gratifying, so make sure you dont come late. The view from the top is majestic and with the traditional Sinhalese music and monks chanting ringing across the surrounding mountain peaks, you feel as though you've entered the sacred abode of the gods. Very cool.
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