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Ciudad Acuña, Del Rio’s sister city is small but, I bet some of you have heard of her even if you didn’t know it!

In the 1930s, Ciudad Acuña (then known as Villa Acuña) became the home of XERA. A radio station also known as a "border-blaster" because it broadcast with power far superior to those licensed in the US. The station was founded by John R. Brinkley, a medical doctor from Kansas who became famous for his male sexual enhancement operations and treatments which he advertised by radio. XERA was closed by the government of Mexico in 1939 upon pressure from the United States.

Now if you have not heard of all this perhaps then you’ve heard the song called "Mexican Blackbird" by ZZ Top. The song tells the story of a few men from Texas crossing the border to visit a prostitute in Acuña.

Well, then how about the song "Blame It on Mexico" by George Strait, which tells about one night in Acuña/Del Río and references Crosby's, a historic restaurant in Acuña.

If music is not your thing then are you a movie aficionado perhaps?
Here are some movies titles you may recognize, which were filmed in Acuña

El Mariachi


Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)

There are many more of which I can’t think of right now! This little Mexican town is also a favorite spring break destination for Texas college students as well, there is an annual bike rally held here every year during this time.

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