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Everything about Japan Mar 17, 2013

Well I am in Japan since past 4 months and enjoying every bit of it. When I came here my mind was filled with questions as how will i cope up with People who doesn't speak English, Cold weather, confusing metro stations and finding right food as me being partial vegetarian etc etc...

Some important point people visiting Japan.


Japanese People are very shy, soft spoken and well behaved [Unless they are drunk :), once they are drunk its simply opposite of those three words]

Everything in Japan is round around a only word "Kawaii (Cute)"

may it be cloths, accessories, woman, way of behaving, way of treating foreigners everything.

You can not speak to any random people on the street in English, they might not entertain you the best way to start the conversation is the word "Sumimasen [Excuse me]" That's it.. let your entire sentence after that be in English.. if it starts with sumimasen they get comfortable :)

People here are amazingly dressed, you wont find anybody shabbily dressed, in track pants, flip-flops, torn Jeans or ill fit.. Unless you go to a place called "Harajuku (Tokyo)" its s place where weird clothing is normal and normal clothing is weird, its a place where people have cosplay kinda clothing. ***Must visit***


English speaking population is considerably less, you might find people in metropolitan city who understand and speak English, but if you go to rural and outskirts then its next to impossible to find English speaking guys (Unless he is a guide) :)

To live in japan you need to know a bit of Japanese at least to order food, to ask for directions thankfully toilets are called toilets here so that can save you from trouble :)

But if you wanna have a casual conversation with a beautiful girl walking on the street Japanese is must hm.. well girls here are very fascinated about Fair "Guys", so if you are Americans or Europeans you are going to have a best time of your life (You know what I mean ;) ) for woman... hm hard to find Japanese date, Japanese guys are too shy to approach foreigner woman. but girls can definitely get Gaijin guys easily.

If you use Smart phone then I recommend one application "Japanese Lite" its very handy and very helpful. I am not sure if its available in IPhone too.

Everything in Japan is tech driven from bullet trains to super bikes, robots, art statues, toys to electronic toilets. So why not a phone app, Find out in Apple world and android market there are ample applications for Japan Travel, language, sightseeing, making friends etc etc...

Line is Japan's most popular application you must have it in your phone, its easier to stay in touch with anybody through line and people don't mind sharing it with anybody random

I have been to Kyoto, nara, Hiroshima, osaka, odaiba, Yokohama, kanagawa, kamakura, Disney and countless places in Tokyo, and I still feel I haven't seen enough, there is so much to see here, so better plan your trips in advance before coming here

below are some sites which can help you.

I have so much to write, I'll keep adding my information to this review please let me know if you plan to visit Tokyo anytime son.

my mail id is:
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