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Th Khao San, Bangkok, Thailand

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Chelsea Chelsea
27 reviews
Jan 14, 2006
When I went to Thailand I was in and out of Bangkok because it was a good place to be in, if you wanted to get somewhere else! They have heaps of buses that go to Cambodia, Malaysia, etc. Anyway, accommodation; I stayed in places off Khao San Road. There's heaps to choose from,we flew there with nothing booked and after walking around for a bit (with allour bags!!), found a place. How cheap it was depended on whether or not you wanted air-conditioning and all that kind of thing. If you go for the bare minimum obviously it'll be cheap as chips!

You can get some awesome rooms for really decent prices. When I was there I had something wrong with my stomach (I still don't know what it was but anyway) I was in hospital on the dripfor a day and so when I was checked out I was still feeling completely crap and could hardly walk without bending over doubleso, my lovely boyfriend went out and found a place that had airconditioning, cable tv, a double bed and its own bathroom for something like less than AU$16! I don't konw what that is in US dollars, probably about US$12. In any case it was a decent deal.

You get even cheaper (and funnier!) places in Cambodia... there was one place that was US$2 a night, including the moto transfer from the ferry dock that we arrived from, and it was completely fine. Had a fan, the door was made of glass but it did have a giant padlock, haha!

Anyway, back to the point (if there is one!), Khao Sanis a good place to check outfor a range of backpacker accommodation. Although depending on what time of year you go, it could be packed and almost everything could be booked out. If in doubt, Siam I think it was, wrote that the internet is a great place to book and check out places. It is! And I also agree with him that you should always check out the room first. And keep your valuables on you!

Havefun, Asia is an amazing place.
cygnus16 says:
Well, glad you're better, anyway. Take care.
Posted on: Jan 23, 2007
Chelsea says:
Haha is that what they call it... Yeah, I don't know, I ate the same food as the person I was travelling with though. We were thinking maybe it was my malaria pills!
Posted on: Jan 23, 2007
cygnus16 says:
Sounds like you might have had a bad case of "Bangkok Belly". Not much fun. :-(
Posted on: Jan 22, 2007
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