Acadia National Park

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Acadia National Park Bar Harbor Reviews

mogbak mogbak
7 reviews
Great family vacation Jun 05, 2011
Acadia is an incredibly beautiful national park. Not the kind of park where you would find grizzlies but nonetheless a great park to visit. Being by the coast the park offers great views, amazing hikes, and nearby towns that offer the best lobster in the world.

The park has old horse carriage roads that today make for great family hiking. We went there with little kids and they really enjoyed themselves.

I, however, stayed away from bar harbor. Many people love this little town, but to me its an expensive, touristy place with huge expensive hotels. There many quiet corners you can find. Acadia is amazing.
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atmos05 atmos05
6 reviews
Sunrise at Cadillac Mountain May 02, 2011
The next time you're in Maine, make sure that you find your way to Acadia National Park. If even for just a day you'll have the opportunity to view the Bubbles, drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain, hear the rushing waves at Thunder Hole, and maybe spot a moose!

I could go on and on with various adjectives describing the scenic beauty of the only National Park in New England, but it would sound kind of sappy. I'd much prefer to let my pictures do the talking.
Pre-dawn light from the top of Cad…
The first glimpse of the sun peeki…
A fellow photography nut.
I'm proud of the coloration of the…
Justmira Justmira
1 reviews
Best United States National Park Sep 07, 2010
I first started going here when I was 7 years old and at 21, I still love it! There is a wide range of different kinds and levels of hikes. (If you're only going for a weekend, climb the Beehive and get yourself to the top of Cadillac or Acadia for the view.) The Beehive is a relatively short hike, but it is scattered with iron ladders up the side of the mountain, iron bridges over ravines on the cliff face and narrow cliff paths. As scary hikes go, this one is actually relatively tame. I went when I was 7, but my mom still gets a littl freaked out because she's scared of heights (Just don't look down!). A really nice route is to go up Beehive and then down the other side toward Gorham and take the alternate route up to the top of Gorham and then back down. This puts you somewhere different than where you started, but there is a loop to get back there. Cadillac is an all day venture if you hike it, but well worth it. Pack lunch and eat on the top! There's also a road up to the top so you can drive there. A few of my other favorite hikes include: The Bubbles, the Jordan Pond Loop (great for before or after tea: see further down), Dorr Mountain (by way of the Dorr Ladder Trail), Wonderland (this is really just a short walk to a rocky ocean beach, but it's a nice morning warm up), Pemetic, Flying Mountain... I could go on. I'd recommend getting the book, "A Walk in the Park: Acadia's Hiking Guide," as it's the BEST Acadia Hiking guide out there. It's written by someone who's done the hikes and has done different variations and so knows the best, most exciting routes. He's very honest and really gives a good idea of what the hike will be like.

There's also a lot of other things to do. Mountain biking on the carriage roads, kayaking or canoeing on one of the many lakes (Long Pond is a particular favorite of mine) or taking a kayak out to go sea kayaking on the ocean. There are some great spots for tide pools and sitting out on the cliffs of the ocean. There is one sand beach, rightfully called Sand Beach. It's cold no matter what time of year you go, so if you're looking for swimming, take a dip so you can say you did and then head for an inland lake.

The biggest town on the island is Bar Harbor, and it has some great little shops and restaurants. It's definitely a must to set aside a day to explore. However, the three best places to eat on the island:

Maine-ly Delights ($$), which is located in Bass Harbor, is a quaint little seafood shack type of restaurant right by the water. I've never gone to Acadia and not gone here. Best lobster my mom has ever had (I can't say that I've had it, because I don't like lobster, but believe mom is picky!). They also have this Oh Boy Doughboy dessert that is phenomenal.

The Burning Tree ($$$$), located right outside Bar Harbor, is a surprising gourmet organic and local foods restaurant. They are a smaller venue, so it's probably good to call ahead. They have some of the most imaginative, creative, and mouthwatering food I've ever had. A particular favorite of mine was a goat cheese and herb stuffed chicken with a tomato jelly.

Jordan Pond House ($$-$$$). If you're going to one place, this is it. And you have to go for tea. Jordan Pond House is regionally known for their popovers and tea on the lawn. It's an experience like no other. I recommend asking for the tea special of popovers and either having their tea with it or fresh lemonade (you add the sugar water yourself!). Their popovers started my family on a craze. My older sister then learned how to make popovers and has been doing so quite regularly for years. They're good, but we still haven't quite gotten to Jordan Pond House standards.

A couple of the places I've stayed over my visits that were pretty favorable were at Hinckley's Dreamwood Cottages and Ann's Point Cottages. They're both excellent and pretty affordable. There are a lot of beautiful bed and breakfasts and hotels as well on the island. If you're going that route, I'd recommend staying at the more local places as opposed to the big chain hotels. The Asticou Inn or the Claremont are both beatiful and luxurious.

A couple other activity highlights or ideas:

Take a ferry out to the Cranberries (Little or Big) and explore the island.

Go on a whale watching boat (I've only managed this once, but got to see a few whales, some seals, and a whole host of other things.) or a lobster fishing boat (I actually got to hold a freshly caught lobster!).

Drive between some of the towns, there are a lot of small antique stores and used bookstores to visit that are very cool.

Make sure to stop in the Acadia visitor center! Especially if there are kids going on the trip. They can do Junior Ranger projects (I still have my Junior Ranger badge!). Also, there are a lot of guided hikes, birdwatching walks, and specific lecture walks that are available with park rangers. I went on a tidepool one that was fascinating!

I know there are other things that I'm forgetting, so feel free to ask me!
Beech Mountain views
Beech Mountain views
Beech Mountain views
Beech Mountain views
jamartin39 jamartin…
113 reviews
At the top in Down East Jul 19, 2009
In the heart of Down East Maine lies Acadia National Park. Home of Cadillac Mountain this park attracts visitors from all over. If you’re an early bird you can drive to the summit of Cadillac Mountain and be the first in the country to greet the morning sun, being the highest point of elevation on the East Coast it’s no wonder why. With so many attractions like Cadillac Mountain, Thunder Hole, and The Precipice Trail, you could spend all day in the park and not see everything it has to offer. This park is not just a fair weather park, on a stormy day drive over to Thunder Hole, and check out the action. Thunder Hole is most active 2-3 hours before tides come in, and of course when the weather is not so friendly, just bring a poncho and a towel.
The Main Visitors Center
Waterfall along Cadilac Mountain RD
Thunder Hole
Otter Point
aleurck aleurck
1 reviews
Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor ME Oct 15, 2008
If you go to Bar Harbor, ME take a day and go to the Acadia National Park. If you don't like to hike don't worry there is a 27 mile circle drive around the park where it has places to pull off and site see. Some of the spots are breath taking. I recommend getting off the paths and checking the coast and harbor lines out, but stay safe there are lots of cliffs. I also would take lunch with you, there is a lot to see and it takes time. It's $20.00 for a car to go into parts of the park but it's good for 7 days. You can get a map of the park and a list of all the trails at the information desk. I would do that first because most of the circle is a two lane one-way road and if you miss your turn you'll have to drive the circle again. Check it out!
Cadillac Mountain
Cadillac Mountain
Inside a cave at low tide
reikunboy says:
congrats on your feature review
Posted on: Oct 30, 2008
jpren13 jpren13
1 reviews
Aug 21, 2007
I just came back from Bar Harbor Maine which consists of Acadia National Park. It was a great experience but only for those who enjoy outdoor activities. We hiked the Bubble Rock trail which was a short hike but has a great view of Jordan Pond. They named it after Bubble rock which is a huge rock that rests on top of the mountain that looks as though it will tumble off the side of the cliff at any moment. We also climbed Acadia Mountain which had a great view at the top. I would reccomend renting bicycles at any of the local rental shops and touring around the island yourself. If it rains we took a tour of the Atlantic Brewing Company which was interesting. Try the wild maine blueberries! They also make a veriety of blueberry ales. Ables lobster pound has great lobsters but is very expensive. A better place to go would be Thurstons, any local guidebook or information stop will have directions. Good Luck!

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