Abu Abdallah Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi

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West Gate, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Abu Abdallah Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi Khiva Reviews

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The Most Controversial Mathematician Feb 21, 2017
Love him or hate him (like many of his students for the last 1200 years) – he is here to stay. Abu Abdallah Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi wrote a dissertation called ‘Hisab al-jabr w'al-muqabala’. His name and research created the word ‘Algorithm’. His published work became Algebra. Most historians just call him Al'Khwarizmi.

So if you are looking for a date on a dating website - Al'Khwarizmi can help! His work today matches you with a woman or man more your station than your dreams – but you will be compatible. You may still produce ugly children, but that’s not his fault.

Getting loads of marketing emails and/or post? Yep - Al'Khwarizmi is at fault. He predicted that. So if you notice that you get discounts for things you like to purchase from underwear to bananas – or even resulting ‘combo’ offers – that’s an Algorithm. Forget to delete cookies on your computers and your love interest and/or boss may find out your sexual viewing preferences.

Ask Siri or some other artificial intelligence (AI) for the fastest way to drive between 2 points or losing body fat and ‘Al’K’ is THE MAN. Ask Siri to get naked – and he already shut down your party trick 1200 years ago. His students hated him then – I hated him years ago – you hate him now. Unless you find your perfect partner on ‘Hook my horny ass up dot com’.

Now Algebra. Useful. It helps you find the unknown. I have used it in business for years! In Arabic ‘al-jebr’ translates as something like ‘reunion of broken parts’. Sounds like a plaster cast or an undertaker after a car accident. Anyway – I use it for things at work like figuring out how much a supplier charged us per hour. Yes, I know there are really 3 ranges: 1. How much? 2. HOW MUCH? And WTF? Algebra actually quantifies how much you have been screwed! No, I’m not back to the dating things – that’s Algorithms – keep up! You need 3 parts to figure out the 4th part in Algebra

I once had the following scenario where Algebra was very useful:

• I have a missing employee from the counter and she is a pretty young lady (A)

• I hired the twin of a young Brad Pitt yesterday (B)

• The back room storage area is now blocked by a heavy pallet (X)

I figured out not only the ‘Y’, I could actually hear the how.


Al’K was born in the Khwarezm or the general area near Khiva in around the year 800. And his students really did not like him. Remember he was working out the dating site thingy and they were not even allowed to look at girls!

If you do want the love story of Algebra – yes – they did make a movie:

Algebra: A Reunion of Broken Parts (2012)
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