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About noodles Jul 08, 2009
Our main dish is rice but some people love also noodle. Me too. If noodles are actually not Thai food but we had it since thousands years ago and I knew it since I was born so I think now it's also Thai :P

Too many kinds of noodles we have; egg noodles (my favourite), small noodle, large noodle or tiny noodle. We eat them with pork, chicken, duck, fish and beef noodles. The way they cook is different by the soup and ingredient.

Noodle Soup

* Noodle with beef - you can choose to add blood in the soup or not :) Sometimes I like but sometimes I don't. Anyway, it's cook. The blood make the soup look more creamy (but not creamy like mushroom soup - I know you know).

* Noodle with pork - usually they serve with clear soup but sometimes with blood also. It can cook like beef noodle or do another style. The pork can be steam pork or another way of cooking pork. You will see it with wonton or egg noodle.

* Noodle with chicken - the soup cooks by chicken bone, taste different from above. They have to kind of egg noodle. Long time cooking chicken or just steam chicken. It's yum both.

* Noodle with duck - The soup cooks by duck bone. It's as same as chicken that you can choose to have grill duck or long time cooking duck. I love grill duck with clear soup more. Delicious!

* Noodle with fish - sometimes they mix it with Pork. Minced pork with fish ball. Sometimes it's pure/real fish. Clear soup.

If you don't want soup. You can order Dry one too! :)

Some noodle is good with soup but some is good when you eat it dry. And some kind of noodle is good with beef but not with pork.

Egg noodle - pork. Small noodle for everything. = for me! :P

Yen ta four

It's another kind of noodle soup. The taste is different from above : chicken/pork bone soup with pickled bean curd, chinese rum and tomato sauce. For meat, usually are fish or pork and squid and it always has blood in yentafour.

To eat noodle here:

If the soup already tastes good, you don't need to add "Kroung Prung". Kroung Prung means a condiment (seasoning?) (sorry I don't know how you call it in English, my dictionary gave me that words :P) Normally we have four of them : Sugar, fish sauce, vinegar and chilly.

Some people love sour so they add more vinegar. Some love sweet so they add more sugar. Ale told me to eat sugar mix with fish sauce isn't good for health, hmmm. But Thai people do this for long time. Anyway, maybe lucky me because I don't like salty so I never add fish sauce on it but give me more sugar instead, please!

The average price of one noodle is 25THB. But it depends on the place you go to eat also. Some nice restaurant is 120THB but street restaurant is only 25-30THB. They cook by add one amount of noodle, if you want extra dish you can tell them, they will charge you 5 baht more. But sometimes I need extra, I mean extra meat but they gave me extra noodle! So you have to be sure which one you want :) And if you don't want to eat noodle, just want only soup/vegetables and meat, you can order too and pay 5 Baht more :)

Fried Noodles

Above are just noodle soup. We have fried noodle too. The well-known one is Pad Thai, fried noodle with vegetable, but now they add chicken, beef, shrimp or pork on it too but if you're vegetarian you can ask them to add tofu instead.

Another fried noodle is Pad Se-iew. It's different from Padthai by the sauce they cook. Padthai- they use tomato sauce (original one) or tammarine sauce but now they don't use any sauce just to be easy to sell on street. But Pad si-ew uses soy sauce. You can choose the different kind of noodles, large, small or tiny noodles. I love both of them! :)

And hope you love them too! :) Enjoy your meal.
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