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Ambrosial Ambrosial
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Tourist attractions Apr 24, 2011
India is indeed a great place to visit, with plenty of monuments and historical sites. However, if you're a tourist in India and planning to visit the places of attractions there, you should probably know that it is very expensive for you to do so.

I was in India recently and I was there for a little more than a week. I visited a lot of cool places including the famous Taj Mahal. What I've noticed during my short stay there was that, for every monument/attraction there was, we had to pay. There was even an entrance fee to enter one of the bazaars in Delhi.

The thing about the entrance fees was that, tourists (non-locals) have to pay significantly (A LOT) more than the locals. Of course, this is probably a common practice in some countries as a form of privilege for the locals, but in my honest opinion, the difference was tad too much. For example, we had to pay 750 Rupee for Taj Mahal while the locals only had to pay about 25 Rupee.

I would understand it if the price was so much as doubled from that of what the locals pay, but 30 times more? Really? The same thing applies for most if not all the monuments and attractions there was in India. I think that's just ridiculous.
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