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Punta engano road 6015
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dinsevilla dinsevil…
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Abaca Boutique Resort and Restaurant, Cebu Apr 11, 2013
I might not be the best person to write about Abaca since I have only been there once. Nevertheless, I'll write about my experience.

Firstly, it was expensive and rightfully so. They serve gourmet food. Unlike run of the mill restos, the serving is scant. However, I guess that is the beauty of REAL chefs. There is science to every dish they prepare - a seemingly calculated and beautiful blend of meat, veggie, and carb in a tiny dish which satisfies both the taste buds and the stomach.

Secondly, the ambiance is stunning. That is part of the price you pay for each dish. Abaca is a lovely boutique resort which is definitely not for budget travelers.

The location is about an hour away from the city and reservation is required.

Overall, it was a good gourmet meal experience. I would probably go back but not anytime soon.
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nyotek nyotek
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Fancy fancy Abaca Jul 15, 2007
The taxi-driver had a hard time locating the restaurant. Well too b honest I can imagine. Early evening, around 7:30, sun was going down fast. Abaca is a bit hidden behind a big wall only indicated by a small sign that states that you should use the horn to alert the guards.

The gate opened while the taxi was still in the middle of the highway, traffic started to form. Still blocking the highway two guards came to check if I had a reservation. [TIP: since it's on reservation only, Call!]. Finally allowed to enter the premises, and allowing other traffic to pass through, we where dropped of by the taxi-driver right in front of the tiny entrance.

"YES, we do have a reservation" this was about the fifth time I had to confirm. I think they are not used to young folks to have dinner there.

We where escorted to a lounging area and where given a drink while they prepared our table. This was like the best place for a drink I have ever been. Sun going down, a refreshing drink and a nice diner partner. What more could I wish for.Ow wait I almost forgot! The view, while it was still light the view was so great.

"Sir may I invite you to your table", well of course!

Let's cut the menu down to bite size chunks. First are the drinks, very important! The separate wine menu gives choice of a wide area of international wines and unlike other places in the Philippines te red wine is served on room temperature. [TIP: ask the waiter if the red wine is chilled, if so pick a white one]. The other drinks are on the regular menu and include the more or less basic restaurant list, with coke, sprite, local and imported beers and various cocktails. For this occasion I picked my self a nice red Australian wine.

Starters are not too common in the Philippines, but in Abaca they know what they are. Ow men! They know! I love Calamari and it's hard to resist. But I went for a carpaccio, since it matched my main course better! I was nice and taste full!

Main course was lamb from Australia, yes indeed matches with the wine! All food we had tasted so good. The lamb came all the way from Australia but tasted like it was fresh from the little lamb just minutes ago.

I think you are getting ready for dessert and the items on the menu looked great but I have to disappoint you. I don't know what they tasted like. We where so full of it all that we didn't have an dessert.

It was already late and it seemed we where the only ones left in the restaurant. Apperently for the waiting staff this was not a problem, nobody came to us asking if we wanted to hurry up or if we wanted to order, because the chef wanted to go home. They know a dinner is supposed to be a nice time out. And to be honest for the amount of money you spent it is only fair they do that.

On general, besides telling and few more times then supposed too, the service was great. So was the food. Besides that the location is even more superb. Looking for a place to eat? Bring your wallet and have a great night at Abaca!
The Abaca lounge area at dusk
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