AMC Easton Town Center 30 with IMAX

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275 Easton Town Center, Columbus, OH, USA
(888) 262-4386

AMC Easton Town Center 30 with IMAX Columbus Reviews

PhinsAndGills PhinsAnd…
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Feb 11, 2008
Dan and I usually head to a theatre closer to our home (about 20 minutes away is a very good one in Tiffin). However, the movie we wanted to see was only playing over a hour away in Columbus. We decided to make a night of it and headed down to Easton.

From previous experience, I knew that the lines can be considerably long for tickets, so we purchased them on-line for an extra $1 each. After we purchased the tickets we discovered that we needed to go to the window to get them anyway. Upon arriving at the mall, we did see they had little convenience kiosks for picking up tickets so you didn't need to stand in line. I'll remember that next time. We did stand in line but it didn't take too terribly long (less than 5 minutes).

We picked up our tickets and shopped around the mall for a bit. Easton mall is a review all on it's own.

Before show time, we headed up the escalator for movie go-ers only. The theatre is MASSIVE! We had to make 3 turns and passed two large concession stands to get to our theatre.

The bathrooms were fairly clean for a Friday evening. They were auto-flushers, which is nice in many ways. TP was fully stocked and not too terribly sandpaper-like. There was quite a bit of loose paper on the floor, so I was sure to check my shoes before leaving so I didn't have the TP trail behind my shoe. The soap was harsh but functional and the water was cold.

I was SHOCKED when I went into the theatre. It was really dirty. There was popcorn EVERYWHERE! We arrived only 10 minutes before scheduled show time and there weren't many others, so there's NO WAY the popcorn mess came from the people already there. I had to brush off my chair and the chair beside me for our coats. The elbow rests were sticky.

The chairs were uncomfortable. They did not recline. The elbow rest did rise up in between seats, but otherwise, the seats weren’t the best.

The surround didn't kick in until about 3 minutes into the movie, so until then we had this horrible monotone-like cheap television sound. Sound finally kicked in about the time I told Dan I was going to go tell the staff that I didn't just pay $10 to see a musical with sound worse than what I have in my living room. (We saw Sweeny Todd) Once the sound did kick in, it was average.

I'm used to paying $6 a movie for a much cleaner theater with better sound. Unless there's a movie I REALLY want to see, and it's only playing at Easton will I go back. Otherwise, I have better movie options for much cheaper.
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