AAA Great Pizza Company

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613 Macleod Trail Southeast, Calgary, Canada
(403) 263-1173

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Come here and learn the true meaning of schadenfreude Aug 03, 2010
This may be the sketchiest pizza parlor ever.

The price of the pizza is so low, half an hour's worth of half-ass pan handling is enough to buy a meal here. ($3.50)

This is basically a pizza hut for crackheads.

The primary mode of transport for the majority of its patrons is by shopping cart, hence the lack of a parking lot.

Many days, the inside of the restaurant looks like a dress rehearsal for the movie "The Road.

You could probably run a rehab/ drop-in centre at the back, with great success.

I've witnessed numerous individuals exchange backpacks, undoubtedly filled with items that would be of great interest to law enforcement, right here in this fine dining establishment.

Every business survives for a reason, and this one continues to live on, I suspect, as a prime location to exchange narcotics, since it certainly isn't the edibility of the food, which most likely contains enough grease, when ignited, to launch the space shuttle.

To consume the pizza, serious self-medication of the illegal kind is most certainly required.

Well, technically the food is palatable, if for example, you happen to be the Tin Man.

Yet I continue to eat at this place once every two months. Why?

It's not because of the 5 delicious flavours of over-salty and greasy pizza they offer.

Could it be because of the delectably stale garlic bread and tough, stringy lasagna? Nope.

Is it the general cleanliness of the location? Nope.

(Think you can't get VD from toilet seats? Once you see the ones here, you might reconsider that point of view.)

It's certainly not because of the "friendly" service, which by "friendly" I mean "f*&ing rude".

I've been accused of theft on a number of occasions.

This is ridiculous because I make more money than anyone who has ever and will ever step in here (the owner included, not that this is hard to do when you cater to people that pick bottles for a living).

The reason I continue to come here isn't because I'm some kind of crazed foodie masochist (good guess though).

I come here because frankly my life is boring, and my job is extremely unsatisfying. I feel I am too young to be this unhappy already. I am here to gawk and feel good about my existence.

I don't patronize this place to feel lucky about going to school, or having nice things, or living in an expensive neighborhood, but simply to feel good about not being "them".

I am going to burn in hell. What I'm doing is called

schadenfreude, which is taking pleasure in the misery of others.

You don't need a dictionary to fully comprehend "schadenfreude", you just need to spend an hour here.

Happiness is all relative anyways. When everybody is getting both hands hacked off, you keep one and thank the good lord that you can still play with yourself.

This place makes me happy, at least for bit. It might make you happy for a bit too.

Even if you are currently seeking help.

My personal suggestion is to toss your shrink off a very high place (when no one credible is watching of course) and come to Calgary and to witness this celebration of shadiness.

Less Dr. Phil and more AAA Great Pizza Company, I say. This remedy should be enough to inspire a lifetime of personal happiness and satisfaction.

Screw existential angst!

Come over to the AAA Great Pizza Company with me and have lunch.
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ferroo says:
ok, with you then i can think about it :)
Posted on: Aug 17, 2010
ladyluck13and7 says:
tasty, well this is the cheapest first hand pizza in the city (though sometimes I think they are lying)!

Im sure the clientle of this joint can direct you to a fine second hand establishment if you so desire lol
Posted on: Aug 05, 2010
sarahelaine says:
It sounds a lot like the bus stop outside my front door, except with pizza. There is no first-hand pizza outside my door, although there is sometimes second hand pizza.
Posted on: Aug 05, 2010
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