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Roatan, Honduras

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A-Z activities around Roatan (listing provided by Barefoot Cay Resort, www.BarefootCay.com) Jun 27, 2009
A-Airplane: The unique twin engine, two passenger open-cockpit seaplane can land right by Barefoot Cay Resort to pick you up. From a 15 minute aerial tour to full-island tour or an escape to the Pigeon Keys at the east end of Roatan, this low and slow flying experience will be a thrill, as well as an opportunity for superb photography.

TOURIST FUN FLIGHTS – (price for 1-2 people):

$130 15 minutes $200 30 minutes $290 45 minutes

$380 45 minutes in flight, with a 45 minute snorkeling stop at Pigeon Key

$380 60 minutes $420 80 minutes

depart from Fantasy Island

B-Butterfly Garden: Some of Honduras' most colorful butterflies including varieties such as common owl, zebra, helicopter, firecracker, julias, sunset longwing, monarch, and queen. Learn about Roatan's tropical trees and our lush tropical plants.

WHAT TO TAKE: comfortable shoes, camera

HOW TO GET THERE: It’s on your left on West Bay Road – Look out for sign

HOURS: 9 to 5 Sunday to Friday

PRICE: adults $5, children under 10 years $3 – guest pays provider

B-Beaches: What’s a trip to the tropics without the beach? We have our own private beach (a great location for a wedding!), and there are many other beaches around the island, including the beautiful stretch of white sand beach in West Bay- a popular choice for cruise ship passengers, as well as the deserted Camp Bay beach far to the east, and many spot in between. Get some towels to take with you from the dive shop, and pass by the office to have us mark some of our favorite beaches on a map.

C-Canopy Tours: see listing under ‘G’ Gumbalimba, and ‘Z’ Zipline- Pirates of the Caribbean

C-Carambola gardens: The 3.5 acres of gardens provide a relaxing stroll through a diverse collection of flowering plants, ferns, spices, fruit trees, hardwood trees and orchids. Trails lead up the pretty valley through the arid tropical forest, past the iguana wall, where iguanas and parrots breed, and up to the top of Carambola Mountain, where you can soak in the gorgeous colors of the coral reefs below and see all the way out to the island of Utila.

WHAT TO TAKE: Sneakers or sandals with back straps, sunscreen and insect repellent, shorts or trousers and camera

HOW TO GET THERE: in Sandy Bay on the left side of the road, just opposite the Anthony’s Key Resort sign

HOURS: open daily 8am – 5 pm

PRICE: $5 per person admission and $10 for a guided tour - guest pays provider

C-Cayos Cochinos day trip: see listing under ‘X’- X-treme Charter trips

D-Dolphin Experience: The dolphin programs offer the unusual opportunity for divers and snorkelers to interact with dolphins on the mammal's own initiative. Interaction is achieved by the dolphin's natural curiosity. The dolphin snorkel provides more opportunity for physical contact. For those who prefer to stay in waist-deep water, a dolphin beach encounter is also popular.

Dolphin Encounter: Participants enter the Bailey's Key lagoon at Anthony’s Key Resort from the gently sloping beach and wade into waist-deep water. A trained staff member offers an informative, "hands-on" interaction with a resident dolphin. This encounter requires no swimming skills, and is ideal for small children, the elderly, and anyone who wants to interact with dolphins without cumbersome snorkeling gear. Provides great photo opportunities.

Dolphin Swim-Snorkel: Accompanied by a dolphin behaviorist and videographer, a maximum of ten snorkelers interact with the dolphins off a white-sand key in approximately 20 feet of water. Following a 25-minute beach encounter, the snorkel session begins, and lasts approximately 30 minutes, allowing participants maximum opportunities for physical contact. Minimum age is 13.

Dolphin Dive: Eight divers at a time take a five minute boat ride to a shallow reef wall, accompanied by a dive guide, dolphin behaviorist and videographer. Divers spend 45 minutes observing, photographing and playing with the dolphins in the open ocean, in depths of up to 60' over a white sand bottom. Dives are unstructured, and the naturally curious dolphins are free to interact as they choose, often revealing complexities of their relationships and communication. The open-water dive is the optimal way to observe the dolphins in their natural habitat, where there is no feeding enticement to secure interaction with humans. Divers need a certification card to participate.

WHAT TO TAKE: swim suit, sunscreen, snorkel gear, towel, change of clothes and camera.

HOW TO GET THERE: Anthony’s Key Resort is in Sandy Bay before reaching West End. Turn off the main road to the right at the sign. Transportation can be arranged for you at the Barefoot Cay main office, at a cost of $10 per person each way.

HOURS: Encounters and swim/snorkels are at 9, 12 and 3 every day but Wednesday. It’s necessary to be there a half hour early. Dives are at 10:30 Monday to Friday. It’s necessary to be there an hour early. A dolphin show is every day at 4 and there is a charge of $1.

PRICE: Dolphin Encounter $62 per person for 25 minutes

Dolphin Encounter and Snorkel $103 per person for one hour total

Diving with the Dolphins $137 per person

E-Explore the island- self guided: Roatan offers a wide diversity for exploring and taking pictures from the many viewpoints on the island. Experiencing the hills, pastures, lush forest, local communities and stretches of white sandy beaches is easy- it’s very difficult to get lost. Stop by the office and we’ll mark some of favorite spots on a map for you.

E-Explore the island- guided tour: If you’d prefer not to do the driving, we will arrange a guided tour of Roatan in an air conditioned van with driver who is also an English speaking guide

PRICE: Guided Tour -- 4 hours $35 per person for 2 people

$30 per person for 4 or more people

Guided Tour – 8 hours $50 per person for 2 people

$40 per person for 4 or more people

$25 per person for 8+ people

F-Fishing: Whether you prefer flats fishing or deep sea fishing, the waters surrounding Roatan are a fisherman’s paradise! Fishing excursions are available ½ day or full day. There are various fishing charter companies available, inquire in the office for pricing and availability.

F-Firedancing: Head down to West Bay beach and the Thirsty Turtle bar by Bananarama for some great entertainment on Sunday evenings. Live music, crab races and firedancing. If there’s a group of you, and you’d like a firedance performance at Barefoot Cay, we can arrange this for you- inquire at the office for details.

G-Glass bottom boat: The Coral Reef Explorer is an amazing vessel that seats 30 people completely below the surface in air conditioned comfort. Look into the crystal clear waters as your tour guide describes all the exotic marine life and coral formations drifting slowly before you. Keep your eyes peeled for endangered Sea Turtles, huge yet graceful Spotted Eagle Rays, scary Barracuda’s and much more.

WHAT TO TAKE: camera

HOW TO GET THERE: at the dock at Foster’s Resort, which is on the road to West Bay, past the Jungle Canopy on the right. The concrete road turns off to the right and there is a Gumbalimba Park sign, as well as the larger Fosters Resort sign.

HOURS: Open daily from 8-4 pm

PRICE: $25 per person for 50 minutes - guest pays provider

G-Gumbalimba Park and Canopy Tour: Gumbalimba Park, located between West End and West Bay, is nature’s wonderland. You can play with monkeys and parrots, tour the history of the island, ride a zip-line through the jungle canopy, explore the wildlife while breathing underwater, take a horseback ride, kayak the picturesque reef, eat at the restaurant, or just hang out in a hammock or lounge chair on the beach!

WHAT TO TAKE: Sneakers or sandals with back straps, sunscreen and insect repellent, shorts or trousers and camera

HOW TO GET THERE: On the road to West Bay, past the Jungle Canopy on the right, there is a concrete road that turns off to the right. There is a Gumbalimba Park sign at the road, as well as a larger Fosters Resort sign.

HOURS: Open daily from 8 – 4 pm

PRICE: Park fee is $20 without the canopy tour, cost for canopy tour is $45; $55 includes park admission and the canopy tour.

H-Horseback riding: Guided horseback tours take the riders along the beach and through the jungle or can be customized to the rider’s preferences. An extended ride can include the ironshore (ancient coral reef that has emerged from the ocean) and mangrove patches.

WHAT TO TAKE: camera, insect repellent, sneakers or sandals with straps and jeans

HOW TO GET THERE: Drive past Sandy Bay on the road to West End. Pass Inn of the Last Resort and Green Hill Apartments, both on the right. The Ranch is located on the right hand side of the road, just around the bend from Green Hill Apartments, directly across from Tropico Italiano.

HOURS: open daily 7 to 5

PRICE: $40 for 1.5 to 2 hours, depending upon gait of the riders. Guest pays provider

I-Iguana Farm: This quirky attraction is the home to over-hunted green iguanas that laze about in the trees. This out of the way site may not seem like much until the owners throw out a pile of vegetable leftovers on their driveway. Then suddenly dozens of iguanas descend from the trees to fight over the scraps. About 2,700 iguanas roam freely about the property!

HOW TO GET THERE: The Iguana Farm is located near the main paved road in French Key, just past the French Harbour turn off when you are traveling east from Barefoot Cay. After turning right off the main road, there are signs leading to the Iguana Farm.

WHAT TO TAKE: Sneakers or sandals with back straps, sunscreen and insect repellent, shorts or trousers, camera. If you wear yellow, the iguanas may mistake you for a banana!

HOURS: open daily 7 - 12 and 1 – 4 pm

PRICE: $8 per person - guest pays provider

J-Jams, Jellies and more at Marble Hill farm: At the east end of Roatan, at Marble Hills organic fruit farm, you can sample ice creams, jellies, jams and hot sauces made from tropical fruits grown on the property. Coffee and smoothies are also available. Equipment can be rented for water activities including windsurfers, kite boards, glass bottom kayaks, pedal boats, river and sea kayaks, wake boarding, waterskiing, knee boarding, snorkeling and floating on a trampoline.

WHAT TO TAKE: Bathing suit, towel, insect repellent and, camera

HOW TO GET THERE: Drive east past the Oak Ridge turnoff and continue for just less than 2 km. The driveway and sign are on the left side of the road.

HOURS: 7 to 4, Monday to Friday

PRICE: Free admission, rental prices vary – guest pays provider

K-Kiteboarding: Experience the thrill of launching off the water and into the air on a kiteboard. Lessons available for the complete novice as well as the more experienced.

WHAT TO TAKE: bathing suite, towel, sunscreen

HOW TO GET THERE: Drive east past Oakridge. Just after the road turns to dirt, there is a sign on the left marked Marble Hill Farms. Take this turn off to the end.

PRICE: 3 hours including instruction for 1 person: $175

3 hours including instruction for 2 people: $250

Guest pays provider, CREDIT CARDS NOT ACCEPTED

K-Kayaking: Explore the waterways inside the reef in a single or tandem kayak, included in the amenities offered by the resort. Just ask at the dive shop, and our staff will get the kayaks in the water for you.

L-Lounging in a hammock: A cold drink, good book, and the gentle sway of a hammock- this is the life!

M-Monkeys- see ‘G’-Gumbalimba Park

M-Mangrove canal tour: Mangroves on the shores of the island of Roatan provide refuge for a variety of marine life and protecting the surrounding reef from sediment during runoff. Take a boat tour through the canals running amidst the mangroves, starting in Oakridge.

WHAT TO TAKE: Sneakers or sandals with back straps, sunscreen and insect repellent, shorts or trousers, swim suit and camera.

HOW TO GET THERE: Drive east from Barefoot Cay and turn right at the Oak Ridge sign. Drive down to the waterfront then continue to the pace where the road makes a “Y”. Stay to your left where there is a small local shopping and parking area and several canoe operators that will want to take you on the tour. Most are English speaking. If you take a taxi, there are usually several taxis waiting for returning passengers.

HOURS: Anytime during the day

PRICE: $25 per canoe, which holds up to four people -- guest pays provider

M-Massage: Let our skilled therapist knead out your stress. A variety of massages and other spa services are available right at the resort- see our spa page for details.

N-Night dives: Explore the beauty of the underwater world by the glow of a dive light, and see lobsters, crabs, octopi and other nocturnal sealife that make their appearance on night dives. Weather permitting, any day of the week as long as there are at least two interested divers. We can also arrange a guided dive on our house reef.

O-Oakridge: The picturesque town of Oakridge, with all the houses set over the water on stilts, is a great stop along a tour of the island. This is the starting point for the mangrove tours.

P-Pool: Relax in the refreshing water of our T-shaped pool, with Jacuzzi jets along one side, and a sunshade to provide an escape from the tropical rays. Our padded poolside lounge chairs are the perfect spot to work on your tan.

P-Palapa: Whether you’d like to relax in the shade of the palapa, or use it as the starting point to hop in for some snorkeling, our palapa is one of the favorite spots of many of our guests

P-Pedicures: Pamper your feet with a pedicure at our spa. Other spa services such as massages, facials, and body scrubs also available

Q- Quiet time. Grab a book and head for a hammock, or float in the pool for awhile, and just enjoy some quiet time to yourself, away from all the demands of the world.

R-Rental cars: We have two vehicles that we make available to our guests, or we can arrange a rental car from one of the local rental agencies.

PRICE: Hyundai hatchback $55 per day plus fuel

Mazda truck $55 per day plus fuel

Added to your Barefoot Cay bill.

Sailing: A beautiful 42’ catamaran ‘Island Time’ is available for a sailing adventure, departing directly from Barefoot Cay marina. Choose from ½ day, full day, and champagne sunset sails. Daytime sails include snorkel stops. Minimum 4 persons for trip to go out. Couples who would like to go- just stop by the office, we’ll see if there’s anyone else interested.

PRICE:- guest pays Barefoot Cay

Full Day Sail $100. per person, plus taxes (8 Hours 2 Snorkel Stops)

Half Day $60. per person, plus taxes (4 Hours 1 Snorkel Stop)

Champagne sunset sail $50per person, plus taxes


Right here at our Barefoot Cay Marina- what could be easier? 

WHAT TO TAKE: sunscreen lotion, camera, towel, bathing suit

S-Shark dive: From 8-20 sharks are joined by opportunistic feeders including Nassau groupers and horse-eye jacks circling the bait bucket. The dive master pops the lid off the bucket and heaves it onto the sand. The sharks attack quickly, making short work of the bait in a brief but explosive tangle of fins and tails

WHAT TO TAKE: dive gear (also available for rent), change of clothes, underwater camera

HOW TO GET THERE: the shark dive is located at Las Palmas, just a short distance west of Barefoot Cay.

HOURS: by appointment

PRICE: $75 per person plus rental gear if necessary - guest pays Barefoot Cay

S-Sunsets: The golden glow of the setting sun over the Caribbean Sea, framed by palm trees is worth grabbing your camera for. Enjoy a cold cerveza or cocktail at one of the beachfront bars along West End or West Bay and savor life in the tropics.

S-Submarine: Stanley Submersibles offers an incredible journey to the depths of the ocean. The submarine has a capacity of 3, the captain and two passengers, and allows you the opportunity to see some creatures that reside only in the deep water, well past recreational dive limits.

WHAT TO TAKE: camera

HOW TO GET THERE: Located at Half Moon Bay Cabins in West End, about 30 min. from Barefoot Cay

HOURS: by appointment

PRICE: 1000ft/305m (1 1/2 Hours) $400.00 USD

1500ft/460m (2 1/2 Hours) $600.00 USD

2000ft/610m (3 1/2 Hours) $800.00 USD

Lophelia Reef Dive-1500ft/460m (4 Hours) $1200.00 USD Guest pays provider

S-Scuba diving: The stunningly beautiful reef, part of the Meso-America reef system, which is second largest reef system in the world, is one of the biggest draws to Roatan. Whether you’re an experienced diver or are trying your first scuba dive, Roatan’s underwater world is a hidden paradise

S-Snorkeling: Great snorkeling is just a few feet away, with a small sunken boat and house reef just off our palapa. If you’d like to go outside the reef, many of our dive sites make great snorkel sites as well, so you are welcome to head out on one of our boats.

WHAT TO TAKE: swim suit, T-shirt, snorkel gear, sunscreen, towel, water

HOW TO GET THERE: meet at the dive shop

HOURS: by previous arrangement, weather and sea conditions permitting

PRICE: $15 per person – added to your Barefoot Cay bill

S-Spa: Indulge with one of our decadent spa services- see our spa page for all the details

T- transportation: If you don’t want to do the driving yourself, taxis are inexpensive and plentiful, or a van and driver can be arranged. Transportation to and from the airport and a courtesy trip to the grocery store are provided by the resort at no additional charge.

T-Tours, guided or unguided: see ‘E’ explore the island

U-Underwater exploring: see ‘S’ scuba diving and snorkeling, and ‘G’ glass bottom boat

V- Valet Diving: We do the work, you have the fun! Our Barefoot Divers staff will take care of setting up your gear, disassembling and rinsing it after the dive, and doing a final washing and drying of gear to prepare for your trip home. You can just relax and enjoy the diving!

W- Waterfront tour of Brick Bay and French Harbour: A one-hour guided tour of the entire inside waters to the west and east of Barefoot Cay, compete with narrative on the various properties and boats, on our barge by Santos.

WHAT TO TAKE: hat, sunscreen

HOW TO GET THERE: meet at the pool deck gazebo

HOURS: by previous arrangement, weather and sea conditions permitting

PRICE: $10 per person – added to your Barefoot Cay bill

Windsurfing: Instruction offered at various levels of experience beginning at complete novice, and rentals offered for those with who do not require lessons.

Weddings: Barefoot Cay is the perfect spot for a romantic destination wedding in the Caribbean! Exchange your vows on the beach, out at our palapa, on a boat or under the water- let us know your dreams, we’ll take care of the rest!

X- X-treme Charters day trip to Cayos Cochinos: There’s nothing more relaxing than a day out on the boat! One of Extreme Charter’s speed boats will whisk you over to a beautiful cluster of islands called Cayos Cochinos (Hog Islands) between here and the mainland. The trip takes about an hour. Once you arrive, you’ll stop at Cochinos Grande to check into the marine park, and then stop at one of the many uninhabited cays for some sunning and snorkeling. The boat has an open bar, stocked with local beers, rum punch, soda and water. The next stop is a cay with a Garifuna village, with clusters of children, and fishermen slipping in and out of the shoreline in their dugout canoes. Enjoy a fresh fish lunch prepared by some local ladies. WHAT TO TAKE: sunscreen, towels, bathing suits, snorkel gear

HOW TO GET THERE: Ground transportation provided to West End, where boat departs

PRICE: $150 per person, includes transportation, drinks, lunch, marine park fees- added to Barefoot Cay bill

Y-Yubu Garifuna Center: Yubu is dedicated to keeping the Garifuna culture alive. This is a large thatched complex where Garifuna history, language, music and ancestral traditions can be experienced.

HOW TO GET THERE: Yubu is located at Politilly Bight, on the main road about 20 minutes east of French Harbour.

WHAT TO TAKE: camera

HOURS: open on days when a cruise ship is in port

PRICE: $5 per person - guest pays provider

Y-Yoga Classes: Yoga classes are offered several times weekly at various spots around the island. Inquire in the office for locations, times and cost. If a few guests are interested in having a yoga instructor come to the resort for a class, this can also be arranged.

Z- Zipline: There are several canopy tour companies on the island. The two that we recommend are the Gumalimba (refer to listing under ‘G’, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Pirates of the Caribbean: located on the eastern side of the island, approximately a 30 minute drive from Barefoot Cay, Pirates of the Caribbean offers a standard zip line and an extreme zipline for the thrill-seekers. Your tour includes complete instructions and use of state-of-the-art rappelling and safety equipment.
Cayos Cochinos trip
Gumbalimba Park
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