A Country Of Myths And Legends: Galicia, Spain

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Galicia, Spain

A Country Of Myths And Legends: Galicia, Spain Reviews

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a country of myths and legends: galicia, spain Jul 09, 2008
In the farthest western corner of spain, more known as "the country of the west" there is a land known as the green country, el verde país. Galicia, galicia, galicia, who wouldve thought that in spain, generally an arid country, has a region which is full of green vegetation, teeming with eucalyptus trees (which are used for the paper industry in spain), temperate and cold summers, high cliffs, tempestuous weather, rocky and wavey beaches?

in the ancient times, galicia or galiza was inhabited by the celts and the mystic druids. They had left a mark which is still until now recognizable that differs this country (region) from the land of spain, which is the galician language (galego) believe it or not, more closer to the gaelic language than spanish. Also the ancient greeks believed that in the far west with high cliffs and stormy weather were the ends of the earth was, called finnis terrae.

galicia is a less touristic part of spain, but it is well known that the city of santiago de compostela is located here, for pilgrims all over the world offer their pilgrimage to saint jacob. But in this review, i will take you all into a different world, for galicia belongs in my heart, it is were the roots of my family lies.

galicia has the biggest ship building industry in spain, especially in the cities of el ferrol and a coruña.

el ferrol is a very rustic city. Old, rundown and neglected buildings are common around the old city. Dark, grey and decaying. But dont let that dampen your spirits, it is a very charming, quaint old world city. Different from madrid, barcelona or other big cities in spain. It has an old soul feeling to it.

then comes a coruña or la coruña, a modern city also located in coast which together with el ferrol and vigo host the spanish navy stations in the atlantic side of spain. There are many roman ruins in this city, still remains, the functional "tower of hercules" a lighthouse built since the roman times. And also found along the city near the tower of hercules, located in the lower cliffs is the "la rosa de los vientos" or the wind's rose (a compass).

far up north, are small towns of pantin, valdovinho and cedeira where secret coves, secluded beaches and the highest cliffs in europa are located. Horsebreeding is renowned in this area of galicia. The remoteness of this area due to lack of public transportation, destinations that can only be reached by foot or by cars is a utopic dream of seeing the old world withouth tourists.

cedeira will always be forever in my heart. I stayed here with a family that offered not only their house but themselves to serve me and my friends for the time we were in spain.

this nothern area of galicia is the most mystic of all. It is home to one of a "lesser saint" named: san adres de teixido, who has a shrine in the cliffs in the small town of teixido. Legend has it that, if in your lifetime you wouldnt be able to do a pilgrimage to him, you would visit it after your death.

not only that, but cedeira is the home of the highest cliffs in europa, called acantilados en la serra da capelada. And on the cliffs are windmill farms stretching from mountains to mountains as the wind is the strongest here in southern europa.

galicians or galegos are shy in nature. They are different people from the rest of spain but what i like about galicians is that not only for their great hospitality withouth asking for anything in return but serving guests till their last drop of energy, also very loyal and easy to get along with. Charming, wonderful and beautiful people.

galicia is an adventurers dream, como el paradiso.

muchas gracias cedeira y galicia por la hospitalidad. Besos.
location of galicia in spain.
the rustic old town of el ferrol.
decaying buildings in el ferrol wh…
"la rosa de los vientos"
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caleb_kreegan says:
You live in Germany, you should know it.

Your country didn't exist until XIX, before it was kingdoms but never countries like Bayern (was a kingdom) Hannover, etc etc, actually until Bismark because it was just the Rhin Confederacy etc etc, but now is a great Country with a different policy of authonomy giving by your goverment like calling them in your language "states", like in the US. But here in Spain they are not "States". Is more like in England or France: Counties
Posted on: Dec 14, 2008
caleb_kreegan says:
Yes, u are right, but i'm only saying that right now Galicia is not a country, as the english concept of Country = Nation = State . Galicia is a "Comunidad Autonoma" owned by Spain. There is no a equivalence of that in english, not even a county but could be similar. By the way, during La Reconquista, the kingdom of Galicia was owned by the kingdom of Leon which lately became Castilla.

So it's true that Galicia was a Kingdom but it has never been a Country itself.

If u want to say metaphorically "The Green Country" it's ok, i don't mind that. But considering that countries were born in the XIX century (centuries early were Empires, Kingdoms etc) you can't say that Galicia had is own foundation as a State that others countries have had like the Baltic States, Czech Republic or Eslovaquia or Georgia etc in 1990.

Right now Galicia belongs to Spain and is true that there are few nationalism feelings there but not even compared with other Comunidades Autonomas like Euskadi (Basque Country) or Cataluña (Catalonia)

Greetings and Peace mate
Posted on: Dec 14, 2008
lauro says:
a healthy discussion of why i called galicia a "country" first, i am writing from a "german" point of view, the states of germany are called "bundesland" or state or land and land in german is country. not to mistook the english word land for "place".

second, before there was a spain, your country was not even in the map of the ancient greeks which was in that time had the advanced technology where other "kingdoms" in europe are still warring. they haven't mapped out europe, so the "land" is unknown to them but ancient greek sailors discovered it and named it "a green country in the west"

third, there wasnt even a "spain", but the kingdom of galicia already existed. the only "spain" that time was the kingdoms of castilla and leon.

fourth, this is a review, which means, it came from my personal experiences and opinions. reviews are created because you or i can share the what and how to a specific place that we had been to.

now, if you think my opinion is diffierent from yours, all you have to do is create a review of galicia your own.
Posted on: Dec 14, 2008
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