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Name: Rubina
Hometown: London, England, UK
Location: London, England, UK
Join Date: June 16, 2007
Contributions: 2win has written about 24 places, shared 440 photos, left 2,184 comments, and smiled 2,928 times.
Interested in: meeting new people, meeting other people to travel with, showing people around my hometown, sharing travel tips and blogs
Countries I've Traveled To
Languages Spoken
English, (a bit of bengali)
Books you might find in my backpack
Music you might find me listening to while waiting for my plane
Most Memorable Travel Experience
France 2003 - Being starved in Strasbourg on a school trip
Germany 2003 - Nearly falling through the safety barriers on one of the worlds highest rollercoasters in Frieburg because i was too small!
Paris 2007
Amsterdam 2007 - Getting stoned with spaniards in Goa Cafe
Berlin 2007 - Getting completely foooked on the insiders pub crawl!..always ask whats been poured into your mouth, before you open it...
Prague 2007
Munich 2007
Paris 2007 - Getting into an unlicensed taxi at 5am, half drunk, and then being nearly kidnapped. NEVER get into a taxi if it isn't licensed!
Amsterdam 2008
London meet-up 2008 - Our first proper meet! getting to know some of the best TBs ever!
London mini-meet-up 2008
Cardiff 2008 - First proper trip with Lori
Dusseldorf meet-up 2008 - 2 words: German Hospital
Brighton 2008 - An unexpected trip decided at half 5 in the morning after matts leaving do/nearly 12 hours of drinking, with the most awesome TBs Lori, Hannah, Warren, Ben Brett and Ben Smeeb!
Spain 2008 - staying with pablo and his family in Cediera...absolutely amazing!
Portugal 2008 - roadtrip with Lori,Hannah, Lauro, Alex and Ben
Paris 2008 - Hannah getting up and singing with the band in some random bar, getting in between a butter knife fight, swearing out of a cab window at a crap strip bar, Bastille day
Nothing risked, Nothing gained, Simple.

Getting lost is the true beauty of travelling.

Only the journeys written, not the destination.

Its not everyday you get kicked out of Medical school, because instead of being in lectures your in a foreign hospital somewhere recovering from alcohol poisoning, and then you get accepted at Cambridge one of the best uni's in England...there must be a God.

Likes: See interests
Dislikes: Tomatoes..Pizza..Cranberry Juice..Beer..Slow walking people...Velcro..The sticker on the bottom of new shoes that you can never get off..white shoes..plain socks..long hair..Airways chewing gum..rice that hasn't been boiled for long enough...bad music..careless drivers...lighters that don't spark up..eyeliner..studying for exams....mars bars...jokes i can't understand...people i can't understand..people who live by the rules...marmite..shitty music...shitty weather....

More travel experiences:
Thailand 2008 - Celebrating my 20th on Koh Samui!
Airlie Beach 2008 - Skydiving and Sailing the Whitsundays
Melbourne 2008 - Finally seeing Nick after a whole year!
Sydney/Brisbane 2008 - Johnny's all the way! ;D
New Zealand 2008 - Roadtrip! Getting lost and then finding the most beautifal places ever!!! Piha beach!
Fiji 2008 - Falling ill and then being looked after by the most amazing Fijian people ever! Getting hit on by the owner of Beachcomber Island!
Italy 2008 - First trip with Michelle!
London Meet Jan 2009 - I survived!!! :D
spocklogic says:
Posted on: Jul 24, 2016
victor7878 says:
Wishing you a happy birthday and lots of chocolate:)
Posted on: Jul 24, 2015
Hummingbird says:
Happy Birthday from the central valley of California!!! I hope your day is as sweet as nectar and all your wishes come true! :)
Posted on: Jul 24, 2014
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