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Just out of the blue, me and my best friend decided this country would be the best place to outrun the daily hassle of life and although we came utterly unprepared, "lassana srilankawe" left a nice impression behind!

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It is remarkable to have such an enormous and beautiful building surrounded by more than twenty acres of green space located in the very heart of a city. When you may enjoy both the grounds and the structure absolutely free …

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travel review from Portofino, Italy
updated 15 minutes ago
The church of Saint George was originally built in 1154. It was rebuilt in 1691. It was restored and enlarged in 1760. During the WWII it was destroyed completely. It was rebuilt in 1950. It contains the reputed to be …
travel blog from Novopskov, Ukraine
updated 16 minutes ago
I have often heard about this town in Luhansk region. I heard about it from some of my former students. Some tine later, I managed to pay a visit to Novopskov. It was a business trip with the aim of …
travel list with 8 items
updated 18 minutes ago
Here' s what you can see and do in Bologna.
travel review from Bologna, Italy
updated 20 minutes ago
Palazzo d' Accursio, o Palazzo Comunale is a 15,000 square meters complex made of three palaces. The oldest dates to the 12th century. This was originally he house of the jurist Accursio. Later it became the seat of the Anziani …