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It was nice to see the other side of the Europe.

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The Sultan’s palace is home today to the Sultan ‘HAMENGKUBUWONO X’ and a visit to Yogyakarta is incomplete if you have not visited the Sultan Palace. For me this is an important agenda for to visit the Sultan’s Palace. …

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travel blog from Port Alberni, Canada
updated 5 minutes ago
Taking off to visit our grand-children again. This time by train through the frozen landscape of the Canadian prairie
travel blog from Seattle, Washington
updated 19 minutes ago
I just made my final payment to Cosmos for my tour, so the only thing left is money for lunch/snacks and some souvenirs, which I already have saved. Two weeks ago, I got my typhoid shot, which is the only …
travel blog from Rimac, Peru
updated 57 minutes ago
La iglesia está pintada en tonos de celeste y blanco que dan la sensación de gran luminosidad, su fachada inicialmente fue construida en estilo rococó pero con las remodelaciones el estilo varió a neoclásico, estilo que también tiene el Altar …
travel blog from Seminyak, Indonesia
updated 1 hour ago
Day 1: I just attended my friend wedding in Bali, exactly in Grand Niko Hotel Nusa Dua Bali for the ceremonial and we continue to The Mulia Hotel for dinner Day 2: me and friends to go out walk around …