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After the visit to Japan and South Korea in 2013, decided to return to Asia, but this time to visit the SE. Different cultures, different way of life, tottally enjoyable!

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Many visitors of Delphi might not be aware of Angelos and Eva Sikelianos or their efforts to revive the Pythia Games, but I find the whole story fascinating: The former house of the couple is now …

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updated 51 minutes ago
It was a short walk to Balvenie Castle from the Glenfiddich Distillery. We walked across Castle Road, B975, then followed the signs up a small road to the castle.  These are the ruins of a 13th century castle, which were …
travel review from Bangkok, Thailand
updated 6 hours ago
They have 2 locations about 1 or 2 BTS stops away from each other. I went to the Asoke location, which I found to be clean and the staff professional. The treatment room was decorated with flowering plants, relaxing scented …
travel blog from Bali, Indonesia
updated 7 hours ago
Bali is a wonderland, our trip here was rather short,6 days in total . Within this period of time we had such an enjoyable time. Special thanks to the souls that has made this trip so dear to us; Scott, …
travel blog from Nacogdoches, Texas
updated 8 hours ago
On July 9, 1716 the catholic Mission Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de los Nacogdoches by Father Antonio Margil de Jusus thus founding Nacogdoches, as the first non-indian town in Texas. This is our tricentennial year and special events are planned …