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with just a few days off from work, I took the opportunity to visit a country I love so much and not only because of the food, the nature is incredible as well as the culture and makes me wanna …

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Mikasa Park is located near Naval Base Yokosuka in Yokosuka, Japan. It is a worthwhile attraction if you have time to spend observing Japan's military history or just want to stroll through the park. I decided to peruse through the …

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travel blog from World
updated 14 minutes ago
Truelancer will give the excellent customer service to their clients. Their customer Service executives can fulfill customer needs by delivering and providing professional helpful, high quality and help before, during and after the customer meets their requirements.The company will offer …
travel blog from Gobi Desert, Mongolia
updated 18 minutes ago
Vaughan had set the alarm for 7am except it went off at 6am because it was still on Korean time!  But of course, I didn’t know that so got out of bed, showered and was a little confused when it …
travel blog from Haridwar, India
updated 4 hours ago
Recently I had an opportunity to visit the 4 temples at Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangothri and Yamunothri. The trip involved criss crossing several lower Himalayan Ranges by trekking, Horse back,Helicopter.
updated 5 hours ago
I was so happy that we did not do the real game drives as we were doing today in the days I was feeling more dead than alive! Game driving in general was the best of the entire journey. And …