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My very first trip out of the country - as a naive young SAfrican, exploring the neighbourhood.

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Rodamon Barcelona Hostel is nested in the one of those beautiful old places that cover the whole floor and have an amazing terrace… I am totally fascinated by Barcelona and its details! I mean DETAILS… every knob, window, door, façade, …

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travel blog from Corrigin, Australia
updated 50 minutes ago
I'm returning to Brisbane and will be driving from Perth and going along the south coast of Australia.
travel blog from India
updated 4 hours ago
Surfing in Goa Water sports in the condition of beaches, Goa, require no presentation.It’s breathtaking, & beautiful beaches alongside blue waters of Arabian Sea profoundly designated for surfing. Surfing in Goa is an incredible adventure. It charms travelers & surfers from around …
travel blog from Nacogdoches, Texas
updated 6 hours ago
Driving up North Street (just before Loop 224) in Nacogdoches I saw a Historic Marker in front of Wal-Mart as I passed it going to Loop 224. How can this be? Texas History was done long before Nacogdoches grew this …
travel blog from Ohrid, Macedonia
updated 12 hours ago
Arrival at Antonio's Guesthouse is quick and painless. I check in with Antonio's parents and begin the orientation process with Antonio's father informing me of the city's layout. Antonio come in and introduces me to a girl from Latvia who …