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I wanted to redeem my flying points before they expire. My aunt had a long timeoff from work. So we finally decided to go to NZ after years of pestering.

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The Motel 6 had gone down a bit lately and in the last month became a Knights Inn; they upgraded the beds and that part of the room and they serve some fairly tasty muffins and juice and coffee. $52 …

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travel blog from Sudbury, Canada
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  Mr. Robin has decided to venture into our territorial home in Sudbury, but at least he is a bit smarter this year as compared to last year.  Last year, he thought of building his nest in our mailbox; every morning he would tirelessly put …
travel blog from Boston, Massachusetts
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December 11, 2017 I fell asleep with my glasses on and iPad in my hand but my sleep was very restless. Nightmares, three of them, had me up several times during the night,  Richard, the driver, knocked on my door, …
travel blog from Nacogdoches, Texas
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In the 1680s the Spanish established a series of indian trails from Mexico to Natchitoches Louisiana by way of whats now Nacogdoches and San Antonio. The trail was called Camino Real a la Tierra de los Tejas. On July …
travel blog from Manila, Philippines
updated 17 hours ago
Flight details CX907 J 747-400 Dep 0750 Arr 0940 HKGMNL 702 miles Finally, I am back in Manila after being away for six nights. This was my shortest (in terms of trip length) but longest (in terms of distance) long haul flight. …