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Revisiting the last trip to Hawaii to share general information on the attractions my family enjoyed to encourage you to visit this paradise!

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It has ‘hostel’ in its name and, at just under 19 euros per night, it has hostel prices. But this place – located in the lively Jewish district on the Pest side of the river, but off a courtyard so …

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updated 1 hour ago
Where would I want to spend my birthday? It came to me That I could spend my birthday at the Taj Mahal. Anything is possible...I've learned that. I must venture beyond india, also. I looked at Nepal, Bhutan, and Mongolia. …
travel blog from Nareen, Australia
updated 2 hours ago
It only took me four drinks to wake up with a really dry mouth the next morning & a 'hangover.' I was paranoid about being loud & waking up Chris as he said he was a light sleeper, so I kept …
travel review from Riga, Latvia
updated 2 hours ago
Riga Old Saint Gertrude Church The Christian world knows Saint Gertrude as the protector and patron saint of travelers. In Medieval times the church named after Saint Gertrude was located outside the walls of the city of Riga. The location …
travel blog from Riga, Latvia
updated 2 hours ago
Riga by Canal  The canal trip is an excellent way to see picturesque architecture of old Riga , many bridges in the park as well as over Daugava river, the legendary Central Market, the cruising on Daugava river etc. The …