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Had to try and run a marathon under four hours before old age caught up with me, and thanks to Ilse a visit to Iceland resulted. Three lovely friends joined me for the fun. …

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Museumsdorf Cloppenburg is a collection of historical farmhouses and other rural buildings in Cloppenburg, Germany. It is located close to the city centre, less than 1 kilometre away from the railway station, and offers a lot of free parking lots. …

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travel blog from New York, New York
updated 20 minutes ago
Do you like to travel? If your answer is positive, then you most probably are staying in hotels and have already a lot of experience in this field. Not all hotels giving the best service and sometimes memories concerning our …
travel blog from Borneo, Malaysia
updated 22 minutes ago
We took a long 2hr drive to the National Park up a fantastically long winding mountain  road.  Again the landscape was picturesque with mist/cloud cover in some parts.   Many dogs along the way as well as local housing and markets or individual stands.   On the way back we picked up some mini bananas (1.50rm) and some papayas (3rm  for 5) and a small bag of pre-cut pineapple pieces for 2rm.  Really cheap and VERY  tasty organic food here! Boon's dad kept telling me not to say anything once they told  us the price as I was fond of saying something along the lines of ... "Holy CRAP that  is cheap!" or "Seriously - that's it?!?" Trev's Tip: The Durian fruit is an acquired taste (which my buddy loves but I still don't  get). I'm thinking the first guy to every eat one of these must have been starving ...   Consume if you like but have some breath mints handy. ;) The trip itself was fascinating. We arrived at the park and there were many hiking trails  and bridges with flowing streams and jungle type conditions. That being said, there  were not too many bugs as it was much cooler here (Canada like) at that elevation. We  came across a lot of backpackers. It was realistically take many days to explore the  plethora of trails here. Awesome, especially for Hikers!  The gardens itself was ok.  I'm personally not a huge flower type guy but it was still  fun and there was lots to look at.  Apparently there is a huge diversity of plant life here.   It was kind of like a zoo for plants.  (Sectioned off places with plaques and descriptions  on them.)  One funny thing I noticed is that they have a 2-tier pricing system in many  places.  Foreigners pay 25-50% more for entry. Lol Trev's Tip: You definitely want hiking boots or running shoes here.  You will pay the  price if you opt for flip flops! …
travel blog from Bali, Indonesia
updated 53 minutes ago
There are a number of different types of title in Indonesia: Hak Milik (Freehold) is the type of title that can only be held by an Indonesian citizen. Hak Pakai (essentially leasehold title) and other forms of title can be held by …
travel blog from Milan, Italy
updated 1 hour ago
Milano, Italia